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When Do Men Stop Growing? (Have The Best Growth Progress)

It is a very popular saying that change is the only constant thing in this world. However, in my point of view, one more can add up to the list of constants; and that is growth. Right from the time you were developed from as an embryo until now that you are fully grown into an adult, growth has been with you through the years. In fact, growth is so important, yet, only a few of us are aware and develops it - when do men stop growing?


As you can see, women starting from being an infant up to be a fine young lady, their growth were much visible than of men. Women develop a lot faster during the childhood years while men are left behind in terms of their height and overall body growth or changes. However, when puberty starts to kick in, the situation was reversed. The growth of women will gradually slow down and will come to a sudden stop while men grow rapidly especially in height and body maturity.

On the other hand, when these things occur, it is not likely that men will just grow and grow during the later years of their lives. At some point, their growth will also slow down. Still, when do men stop growing? I know you might be wondering about it too. So why don’t you read on to find out more.

Your Growth Hormones

Growing doesn’t just take place in your body as if you were just being stretched vertically. Actually, it is more complicated than what we think of.

When do men stop growing

When we grow, our body produces growth hormones that are the primary responsible for this kind of occurrence. These growth hormones are the ones that signal your body on the right time your body starts growing or not. It was produced in your glands in your brain and increased in production whenever you sleep or perform some exercise.

So technically, without this growth hormones, you might still be an infant as of now. Yet, the production of growth hormones differs from each and every man. This is the reason why after puberty, there are still some men that are still not fully grown enough when it comes to body changes and height.

Then when do men stop growing?

Puberty is at its peak at the age of 12 to 16 for men. So when boys undergo this phase in their lives, it is just expected that there’s a boost of development in their body, especially in their height.

Try to observe men at this range of age. You will see that they are a bit clumsy since they are just starting to get used to their sudden growth of hands, feet arms and legs. Also, hair will start to grow on different parts of their body such as their beards, mustache and underarm hairs.

All these changes are seen fully when you are at age 18. Although some body changes may not be fully developed by age 18, you will still have at least 4 years to maximize its growth since, at the age of 21, your body is already in its fullest development and won’t be growing more than what they have reached that age.

To fully understand or estimate whether you are on the normal range of development, or you are one of the lucky ones that are exceptional enough to grow more than what your body are supposed to be developed, I have provided a height growth chart of men starting at the age of 2 up to the age of 20.

Observe that the growth of men in terms of height are increasing rapidly upward yet, at the age of 17 onwards, the growth lines are starting to go to an almost horizontal line. If we exceed the chart up to age 25 perhaps, you will see that the growth line will take years just for it to go up a couple of centimeters higher.

Tips to maximize your growth

Even though most men are likely to get the most out of their growth during puberty, there are still some that are a bit concern or conscious in their body developments. And although your growth highly depends on genetics and chemical substances produces in your body, it is quite fortunate that there are also some factors to enhance and boost your body improvements.

When do men stop grow

Here are some:

  •  Supply your body with proper nutrition
    We all know that you could get a lot from what you eat and a healthy lifestyle will benefit you a lot. Well, it is remarkably true as you really are what you eat. So if you are planning to boost your height, you could go through foods that are high in calcium, protein, Vitamins A and D.
  • Take time to have a complete rest
    As mentioned earlier, growth hormones are increased in production every time we sleep. Little do we know that different age needs a different amount of sleep per day. So if you are currently in your teenage years, then you are most likely required to have at least nine to ten hours of sleep at night. Moreover, researchers have also proven that you actually grow more during your sleep so make sure to get those extra hours of snooze in your bed to maximize your benefits.
  • Be aware of your posture
    The explanation for this is quite simple. People you are less aware of their posture appears to have a curved spine that those who don’t. With this, your supposed height are disregarded since your back is curved due to your bones. So if you take extra care with your posture, your body will follow and straighten up. Thus, being taller is achieved.


Overall, all men differ from their growth patterns. Although some environmental factors may affect their body developments, still, it is just right for you not to stress yourself over the matter. As long as you are growing not under the normal limits of growth, then you are perfectly just fine.

On the other hand, if you are still weary and concern on your developments and growth, feel free to comment below as we are happy to discuss things and share experiences with you. Just remember to take time, let your body do its thing on its phase and love yourself for it.

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