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Awesome Pull Ups Challenge For A More Powerful You!

Have you ever found yourself standing inside the gym, confused and depressed on how to develop those muscles onto your body and increasing your overall strength that might be impossible to happen? Well, achieving this goal will all depend on your effort in pursuing it and completing a set of pull ups challenge. If you are really serious about gaining strength and muscles, then gyms aren't the only place for you to accomplish it.


In the social norms today, people see strong people by having huge bodies while skinny guys mean you don't stand a chance in pursuing a fitness career. But the reality is, being huge or pull-ups doesn't actually determine whether you are strong or not. The true form of strength is mastering and challenging yourself to exceed your limitations on your fitness regimens especially on pull-ups.

As we all know, elephants are bigger than the lion, yet, lions remain to be the king of the jungle. The point here is, if you want to be considered the lion in a gym, body built is not a primary requirement. Mastering your pull-ups challenges can definitely get you to the top even without any deadlifts that might literally mean its name.

Benefits of Pull Ups

Aside from increasing your overall strength and being the lion of the gym, I have also gathered some benefits of pull-ups to inspire you in completing a set.

  • Better posture. 

    Without proper monitoring of your posture in our everyday life, it can worsen gradually over time. However, you can reverse this effects with pull ups challenge by empowering your back muscles for a good posture. Moreover, if prolonged sitting can’t be avoided at the workplace or at home, doing pull ups can improve your sitting posture which can prevent back pains after a very long tiring day.

  • Build your muscles.

    Of course! One primary reason why body builders use pull ups challenge is to build muscles in their body along with strengthening it. This exercise is focused on developing muscles on your biceps and upper and lower back, thus, stronger you is achieved.

  • The beginning of other exercises.

    Since pull ups challenge is the best way to gain those muscles in your body, it can also open and prepare yourself for other workouts that may need strong muscles to start up with like heavy lifting or push-ups.

  • Improve your grips. 

    One of the primary sources of strength is gripping. And you can best gain it in doing pull ups challenge. Grip strength is highly crucial since you can't fully benefit from your strength if you have weak grips.

The Ultimate Pull Ups Challenge

  • The Classic Pull Up Challenge

Pull Ups Challenge

Just as when you have decided to start doing pull-ups to your routine, you can begin with the classic pull ups challenge that every beginner must go through. Here are the steps:

- Get a grip on a bar above with your hands shoulder-width apart from each other.

- Bend your knees to cross your ankles with each other as you hang yourself straight up and arms fully stretched straight down.

The Tarzan Pull Up Challenge

Pull Ups Challenge

Nope, we are not talking about swinging in between jungle ropes here. Tarzan pull ups gives you greater coordination to your body by alternating your pull ups from each side and enables you to develop a stronger core while you prevent your body from swaying while doing the pull up challenge.

- Get a grip at the center of the bar with your hands almost touching one another.

- Slowly raise yourself up. As you reach the top, twist your upper body to get up on your right side.

- Return to your original position by lowering back your body without touching the ground.

- Lift yourself back up to the bar. This time, aim to twist your upper body to the left side.

  • The Weighed Pull Up Challenge

Pull Ups Challenge

This pull ups challenge might actually surprise you, since if you can complete a set of this, then you are definitely more than half way in attaining your body goals. Doing a classic workout can really be tough, but with this exercise, it will be a whole lot tougher as we add another weight to your pull ups.

- Look for a belt to secure or hold a weighted plate or dumbbell in between your legs.

- Grab on the bar above you.

- Bend your knees so that your feet won’t touch the floor.

- Slowly raise your body along with the weighted plate or dumbbell up so that your chin are closer to the bar.

- Return back to your lowered position as you repeat the steps as many as you can.

  • The Towel Grip Pull Up Challenge

Pull Ups Challenge

Strengthen your grip with this pull ups challenge as you build your forearm muscles and mastering to put all the pressure on your upper back and biceps area. Just be careful with the towel you'll be using with this exercise. A thick cloth that can support your overall weight is highly recommended to avoid further serious problems. Look for a strong towel to wrap around the bar.

- Grip on the end of the towels on each hand with shoulder-width apartpull-upsor you can use a single towel to be gripped by both hands.

- Pull yourself up to the towel as you maintain your posture and preventing yourself in swinging.

- Lower down your body back to the starting position.

- Repeat the steps as many as you could.

  • The Knee Twist Pull Up Challenge

Pull Ups Challenge

If you are still not satisfied in building not just your biceps and upper body muscles, then you can go to pull ups challenge that can also focus on giving your legs a muscle to develop. This challenge targets your entire core as you manage to twist your knees from side to side as you lift your body to the bar.

- Hold the bar above you.

- Raise your body up to the bar.

- As you raise your body, lift your knees up closer to your chest as you make a slight twist of your knees to your right shoulder.

- Lower down your body as you also lower down your knees.

- Repeat raising your body up to the bar and lifting your knees to your chest while twisting it this time to your left shoulder.

- Do the steps alternately to improve inner core as you hold on to the proper body posture while doing the exercise.

  • The Behind-the-neck Pull Up Challenge

Pull Ups Challenge

In doing this push-up challenge, you must be very cautious with the steps as it can lead you to some shoulder impingement. It challenges your shoulder mobility as you push your head forward and placing the bar behind so the bar will touch your neck and not your chin. It is highly advised that performing this challenge must be done with an expert fitness trainer to guide you through the steps.

- Hold on to the bar with at least 6 to 12 inches apart from your shoulder-width.

- Raise your body up closer to the bar, yet pushing your upper body forward to allow the bar to almost touching the back of your neck.

- Lower back down your body to the ground.

- Repeat the steps as many as you desire.

  • The Side-to-side Pull Up Challenge

Pull Ups Challenge

If you have already managed to build enough strong muscles to perform this challenge, then it is recommended to do some warm up first and take on some safety precautions by slowly doing the steps rather than doing it at a fast pace. You must know that without any further caution, this pull-up challenge can cause a serious muscle injury as it will force your bicep muscles to carry your weight every time you pull yourself up on one side.

- Grab a bar with hands at shoulder-width apart.

- Raise your body up to the bar by slightly moving to your right side so you could lift in a diagonal line.

- Lower down your body to your starting position as you raise yourself up again on your left side.

Pull Ups Challenge Overall

Doing this pull ups challenge can be rally hard to start. But never hesitate and doubt yourself whether you can do it or not. We all know you can! Just don't forget to take time for a break and rest those forced muscles when it is sore. Comfort yourself and inspire your body that you taking a day off to rest doesn't mean you go back in slouching your body back to the couch. It just means that you are preparing yourself for a bigger, harder challenges you'll face in the week ahead.

Moreover, if you are already feeling bored with your routine, then I guess it is time to level up your difficulty and increase those reps in every pull up challenge you’ll perform. Just keep up and always try again. Failure isn’t failure unless you’ve decided to stop pursuing your push-up challenges. For further assistance, please ask any questions and your comments will be highly appreciated too.

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