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Important Guidelines In The Best Weight Training For Beginners To Get Fast And Amazing Results

How To Make Your Waist Smaller With Just 5 Routines?

Are you sick and tired of having a jiggling sensation in your tummy as you walk or run faster? Or worst, people assumed that you are pregnant because of the large waist you have? Well, you are not alone. I, myself have also experienced those embarrassing moments that there came a point in my life that I felt depressed about it - How to make your waist smaller?

I have spent the past years of my life looking for answering and searching through every book, studies, or even some word of mouth to help me figure out how to make my waist smaller. It is in fact quite frustrating. And if you lack in determination, you might just give up easily. But as luck came, I have stumbled upon some exercises that challenged me and changed my life (or in this matter, my waist) forever.­­­



However, as much as I want to stress out the exercises that can make your waist slimmer, achieving the best results in these challenges won’t be attainable if you are doing just the exercises alone. Keep in mind that there are more things to consider in following this tutorial and gaining the body of your dreams. Here are some

  • ​Reducing your calorie intake. Take note that no matter how challenging your exercises might be, if you still munch on some canned or processed unhealthy foods, that pouch bag in your belly will never disappear.
  • As others believe that skipping meals are the best form of diet, then it isn’t! Never (EVER!) skip your breakfast. There is a reason why it is called the most important meal of the day. So stick to having it as your first meal of the day.
  • Choose your everyday clothing. It may seem a bit of unrelated on how to make your waist slimmer, but hey! Getting an inspiration won’t hurt. Especially when you see your whole body reflection in the mirror and begun noticing some changes in your overall weight.

  • Determination. And a whole lot of it! Doing challenging exercises aren't as easy-peasy as it may seem. Since regularity can be the key to a faster waist and body transformation, you must fully commit you're your mind and body for you to commit to your exercises.
  • Be realistic with your goals. Yes, I know that we all want a perfectly shaped body (who doesn’t, right?) but setting up your goals which are next to impossible can be quite depressing along the way since not fulfilling your expectations might bring you down lower.
  • And maybe some luck. (If you know what I mean).

Here come the challenges!

So now that you have all the things you need with you, then why don’t we start and get ourselves to business? Get those muscles moving and your fats burning. Besides, you’re boosting with excitement, aren’t you?

Side Plank

How To Make Your Waist Smaller

To be honest, I am not a complete fan of side planks at first. Since it gave me a hard time mastering this exercise as it requires you more focus and stability. However, just like what they say, the ones you’ve hated the most are exactly the ones you’ve needed the most to achieve your body goals. This exercise proved me that the sayings are true. As it provides my body the much-needed depth of exercise in trimming my waistlines away.

Side planks have given me a lot of benefits. And with efforts, it could give you its benefits too. Here are some:

  • Strengthens your core. As I have said, this exercise requires you a lot of stability. And to maintain your balance, you really have to use your belly muscles to work for it. Thus, toning your inner muscles down to its core.
  • Promotes concentration. The scenario is this, when you are asked to hold on to this position for a while, all of your focus is on how to maintain on these position until the time is over. It may be quite simple, but it can actually build your concentration skills.

Here is a video tutorial for more guided instructions:


  • Lay down on the floor with your side arms and facing sideward.

  • Slowly raise yourself up using the side that is closest to the floor. For example, if you are lying on your right, raise your body and support your body weight using your right hand.
  • Contract your body muscles as you hold on to this position for at least 30-60 seconds. This is where your stability and concentration are challenged as you avoid your hip to drop down to the floor. (You may experience some shaking vibrations throughout while holding on to this position, but don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal since your muscles are working its way to get rid of those fats in between.)

  • Repeat all the steps on the other side of your body.

Russian Twist

How To Make Your Waist Smaller

This exercise enables you to acquire strong abs while working your way to a smaller waistline. The intensity of this exercise is optional and merely depends on how you want it to be. If you're game for more challenge, holding a medicine ball or a dumbbell in your hands can heighten up the force in toning up your arm muscles while you twist and turn your fats in your abdominal area.

Benefits of the exercise:

  • As you build your abdominal muscles in the twisting motion of this exercise, you’re also strengthening your lower back muscles due to its position and required balance in this exercise. Thus, improving your proper body posture.

  • Just like the side plank, the Russian twist also helps you in maintain balance. But unlike the latter exercise wherein you just stay still in a said position, the Russian twist is more complicated as you are balancing while twisting and turning.

Here is a video tutorial for more guided instructions:


  • Sit down firmly on the ground with your knees bent and your heels are foot-width from your buttocks.

  • Slowly lean back slightly as you keep your back straight to create a v-shaped body and raise your feet together for at least 12-inches above the ground. It is necessary not to bend your back while doing this exercise since it can cause you sore muscles later on.

  • Put your hands in front of you while holding the chosen equipment in intensifying your exercise.

  • Gradually twist your upper body to the left while maintaining your feet stable. Your twisting motion must come from the movements of your ribs and not from the swinging of your arms.
  • Afterward, twist your upper body to the right to complete one rep of Russian twist.
  • Complete at least 16 full rep as recommended for beginners and increase your rep number as you master this exercise.

​Windshield Wipers

How To Make Your Waist Smaller

This exercise is basically made for beginners not to experience some hardships in starting and adapting to their new fitness routine.

Yet, if you want more depth in this exercise, straightening or alternative bending of your legs while doing the twisting step can really challenge your abs within.

Moreover, you may want to get out of the comfort of the ground and do the windshield wiper exercise while hanging on a bar.

Benefits of the exercise:

  • Gain your control over your hips and joints by doing the windshield wiper exercise. With its twisting motion, while staying your upper body still, you can make your abdominal along with your leg muscles stronger and slimmer than before.


  • Lay down with your back firmly on the floor
  • Spread your both arms to make a 90-degrees angle with your torso.

  • Raise your both legs until it’s at a right angle with the ground. Keep your feet together while doing this so.

  • While stabilizing your upper body, lower your legs on the right side without letting it touch the floor.

  • Lift your both legs up back to its original position of 90-deggres angled with the ground.

  • Lower your both legs, this time on your left side without letting it touch the floor.

  • Do this alternately for about 20 complete reps or for professional, until the desired number of reps are achieved.

Here is a video tutorial for more guided instructions:

Hip Thrust

How To Make Your Waist Smaller

When I was a beginner to trimming my excess waistline, I often ignore this exercise since I thought it’s so easy, I couldn’t benefit from it.

But much to my knowledge, there is no feminine waist that doesn’t go through the hip thrust exercise. There’s a wide variety of this exercise, however, the most complex is putting on some serious weight on your hips while holding on to the required position.

Benefits of the exercise:

  •  Activating your gluteal muscles with the hip thrust exercise can let you achieve a more free hip movements and stabilization. Not to mention the firmer butt you could gain (Sounds interesting, right?)

  • In addition to strengthening your hips and reducing your waistlines, this exercise can also prepare you to more challenging weight lifting such as the deadlifts (mainly if you are more into that).


  • Have some stable bench for you lean your shoulders back on.
  • Sit down on the floor with your back resting on the legs of the bench and your feet is a foot-width with your buttocks.

  • Spread your both arms on each end of the bench to make a 90-degrees angle with your torso.

  • As an option, you can start placing some weights on your hips.
  • Slowly raise your gluteal muscles up in the air as your knees create a right angle with your legs and hips while your head is resting flat on the bench.

  • Hold on to this position as long as you could while maintaining your back straight in the air and bearing the weights in your hips.

Here is a video tutorial for more guided instructions:

 Crisscross Crunches

How To Make Your Waist Smaller

Even though I’ve heard a lot of people claiming that crunches won’t do you any good, still, based on my experiences, this crisscross crunches gave me the toned flat tummy and slimmer waist faster than any other exercise could. Due to the multiple muscles, it targets as you perform the steps of this exercise, you too, can expect and see the results fast.

Benefits of the exercise:

  • As a core training exercise, the crisscross crunches can also help you in enhancing your balance just like the previous exercises discussed above. Your proper body stability will improve as you alternately switch on positions in performing this exercise.
  • And since your back muscles get all the pressure and weight of your body in doing the crunches, a healthy body posture will be achieved in time. (You wouldn’t let go of the chance for having a sexy back, aren’t you?)


  • Lie on your back with your feet raised together and creating a 90-degress angle with the ground.

  • Place both your hands on the back of your head to support its weight as you slowly lift it up in the air.

  • Start by straightening your right leg up in the air while your left bended knee aims to get closer almost touching your right elbow, thus, slightly twisting your body.

  • Return to your starting position as you switch on straightening your left leg and bending your right knees so that it could get closer to your left elbow too.

  • Do this steps alternately as you achieve your desired number of complete repetitions.

Here is a video tutorial for more guided instructions:

How To Make Your Waist Smaller (Pro Tips)

  • First and foremost, a healthy balanced diet is what will keep your efforts intact as you progress your fitness routines on a daily basis. Don’t let yourself get under the spell of those unhealthy fast foods and carbonated drinks since it can easily trim your achievements away.

  • As much as we want to attain your body goals faster, stressing and burning your body muscles too much can give you negative results than the positive ones. Always observe and monitor your daily fitness routines and don't overdo each exercise. Remember that every muscle in your body have limitations. If you forced beyond its limit, then expect a serious consequence in return.

  •  Exercising alone can be good. However, enrolling yourself in some best training programs like DailyBurn or iBodyFit can still give you hundreds of ways to trimming your waistline as well as improving your overall fitness.

  • In addition to training programs, getting a gym membership might also come in handy. Gyms such as Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and YMCA Club could give you the best gym membership offers without hurting your bank savings
  • Moreover, getting a slimmer waistline may not purely come from the exercises you’re performing. At times, a right and often use of corsets can push those excess waistlines back to where it should be. Try investing on high-quality and top-star reviewed corsets such as the Ann Chery Women's Faja Clasica, Squeem Perfect Waist, Fajastec Women’s Beauty Classic and Charmian Women’s Latex Waist Cincer.

  • Furthermore, other women claim that detox tea can also boost your exercise benefits and could lead to getting positive results in almost half way faster. It is much true in my case since my body adopted easily in its highly effective detoxifying mechanisms. if you are interested, you could start drinking Hint Wellness 14-Day Detox Tea, Triple Leaf Tea Detox or Triple Leaf Tea Detox. However, if you are not into detox, then Twinnings Green Tea can still help you with your goal without much detoxifying effect.

How To Make Your Waist Smaller

With the right combination of workout routines, proper diet, healthy lifestyle and this tips mentioned above, your body will automatically get its slimmer form without forcing it too much. But if you are considering some medical treatments in for your waistline problems, then get your bank accounts ready to suffer the consequences it might go through.

Overall, there is really no magic in gaining a perfect waistline. It is always something to work hard to and to exert a huge effort to. There ain’t no magic. All you have to do is change your perspective and your body goals will come naturally.

Yet, if you’ve already achieved your desired waistlines, then your comments below could really help others in improving their ways and techniques to solve their own waistline issues. Tell us what works for you and what’s not. I’ll read on so we can all go through this together.

 If it's good & helpful - Please share it with your friend to help us get the motivation to do more research. Thank you!

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