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The Best Way On How To Lose Face Fat Guys?

Is your face getting round like a ball? Or you don’t recognize your new self anymore due to those lying fats around your face? Don’t worry, you are not alone. People tend to store more fats in different parts of the body, including the face. Okay! How To Lose Face Fat Guys?

It is sad when going in front of the mirror can be a nightmare for you and shaving your beard is never an option since it can reveal those double chins and puffy cheeks you are hiding. Moreover, finding another solution to your dilemma seems to be next to impossible. It is really so hard when all you want is to just achieve a slimmer face and be the man of her dreams.


We know. And we completely understand. And to this, we are here to help you.

So have you asked yourself? What are the things you are doing or parts of your habits that contribute to the production of these unwanted fats in your face? To think that your face is the first thing everyone will notice?

Well then, to help you with your confusion and struggles, I have listed a few ways to reduce those fats in your face. Feel free to check the things that you think is applicable to you and perform the necessary solutions that can fade your face fat problems away.

Remain hydrated.

How To Lose Face Fat Guys

There’s a reason why experts recommend to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day. With its many benefits, the reduction of bloating in your face can be considered as one of it. Since water is crucial to help the body fight off infections, it also helps in flushing the toxins in our body, thus, increased overall health along with better skin and hair appearance is achieved.

Furthermore, increased fluid intake, especially cold liquids can trigger our body to burn more calories than usual. Keep your body well hydrated, and you will observe a slender face to be developed over time.

Proper diet

How To Lose Face Fat Guys

Of course, just like how we treat other issues on our body, eating the right nutritious foods can help you minimize the fat production in your face. Avoid processed foods along with salt and sugar in your diet and start a healthy eating habit of fruits and vegetables with high-fiber foods to further help you in keeping those fats to its minimal level.

Sugar is generally known to be associated with fat faces and processed foods contain a lot of fats and salts which can contribute water retention that makes your face rounder. For some people, changing their diet can do a dramatic change, yet at some, results are gradual. Whatever way, it both gives positive results towards your goals so be sure to keep your patience and maintain in keeping the better food choices.

Age up.

How To Lose Face Fat Guys

Yes, you’ve read it right. It may sound a little funny, but it’s true! One way to get rid of those face fats is to age up.

This is the easiest method there is for your problem… but! It also requires a lot of patience as you spend your later years with round face without much effort of removing it so. On the other hand, your sufferings will eventually pay off in the end as those baby fats in your cheeks and neck will melt and diminish.

At times, when you reach your fifties, this natural fat-burning process will make people achieve an extreme gaunt looking face. However, if bad luck persists, by that time, the girl of your dreams might be in the hands of others ad you haven’t had your chance in building your self-confidence due to your face fats.

Keep smiling.

How To Lose Face Fat Guys

Didn’t you know that by simply smiling, you are trimming those chubby cheeks away from your face? It is by far, the best facial exercise since it doesn’t just exercise your facial muscles, it also boosts your mood and could provide a positive outlook in life.

By being technical, if you smile, you are stretching your cheek muscles. And by stretching it, you are triggering the muscle to perform its fat-burning activities and loosen the fats stuck in your cheeks. As a result, your face fats will be flushed from your face. Besides, who knows who might be falling in love with that smile of yours. Right?

Facial exercises.

Just like what people who want to lose excess weight, they exercise. Same goes with face fats. Toning your muscles in your face can help you achieve a slimmer, slender face as it also strengthens your muscle and prevents your skin to loosen and become saggy. Here are some effective facial exercises for you to try on:

  • X-O exercise:

    How To Lose Face Fat Guys

    To perform this exercise, just pronounce the letter “X” followed by the letter “O”. you will observe that as you mention the letters, your cheek muscles are stretching and constructing alternately. Moreover, this easy maneuver will promote jaw movements that contribute in burning fats in your cheeks. Do the process at least 15 times before taking a break. Repeat all the steps as you aim to complete 3 sets of this exercise. And to further achieve the desired result, you can perform this exercise even during a busy day at work.

  • Fish Lips:

    How To Lose Face Fat Guys

    Do you have an idea how to mimic a fish lips? By simply puckering your upper and lower lips out while both ends are suctioned inside your mouth. Then try to smile while in a fish lips position. And hold on to that smile for at least 10 seconds. With these, you are strengthening your muscles as you hold on to the force of the fish lips in a smiling position.

  • Puffy cheeks:

    How To Lose Face Fat Guys

    I know, you are already fed up with looking as round as a ball. But as much as we hate to ask you to, blowing your cheeks with air and trapping it inside your mouth for a few seconds can really shoo away those fats in your face. Now, to intensify the exercise, try moving the air gradually from one cheek to another for at least ten times before releasing the air and taking a break. The number of repetitions of this exercise is dependent on how long you desire to repeat the steps to fasten the way in reducing your fat cells in your face.

  • Cheek lift:

    How To Lose Face Fat Guys

    Using the corners of your mouth, help your cheeks to raise up towards your eyes as high as you could. You should end up making a sardonic awkward smile when you perform this step. Hold on to this position for a few seconds before returning to your normal resting face. If desired, you could shut your eyes during the process to further help your cheeks. Just don’t do this facial exercise in front of a crowd as they might think you’re showing sarcasm or just plain crazy.

  • Chew gum:

    How To Lose Face Fat Guys

    Do you have a habit of chewing some gum for several times a day? Well, good to hear. You might as well continue that habit as aside from giving you a fresh breath, it could also solve your fat problems. The chewing motion of your jaw strengthens its muscles and is a good way to make yourself feel full in just a few minutes. By chewing a gum, you won’t ever feel like your exercising. And filling your stomach with air can reduce the food consumption, thus, smaller food amount is taken for fat loss.

How To Lose Face Fat Guys?

The exercises I have included above are just plain simple and can be done even with a hectic schedule. In fact, you can perform those various facial exercises even when stuck in traffic or waiting in line at a cafeteria. Furthermore, if these exercises are done regularly, you won’t just reduce your face fats, but your skin elasticity and firmness will also improve. What a better way to get that manhood back to being the most admired bachelor in town.

Nonetheless, my experience with the effectiveness of these exercises may vary with yours. So you might as well want to share your experiences below and we will gladly reply back for further concerns.

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