page contents How Many Exercises Per Workout To Unlock A New And Improved You?

Important Guidelines In The Best Weight Training For Beginners To Get Fast And Amazing Results

How Many Exercises Per Workout To Unlock A New And Improved You?

Fitness goals? Every now and then, I wonder just how some people achieve the perfect, fit body, what types of exercises and how many exercises per workout they do in a week and how they measure accurately their progress even before the results show.


First things first, we know that exercising is a vital part to stay healthy. It keeps us at risk of many diseases while some say it defers aging. Ultimately, deciding to do a regular workout will bear its fruits for our physical, mental and even the emotional well-being.

Once you’ve decided to tackle your fitness goals, it is important for you to understand how much, how long and what combinations of exercise your body needs to achieve them. This will also work for those who would not enter the gym just yet or would not hire a personal trainer. While those who have the means to do so in terms of time and resources can have a proper understanding of the exercise routines advised for them

How Many Exercises Per Workout Should I Do?

Usually, deciding to take the fitness route begins with defining your goal. Are you a novice looking out to be a workout enthusiast? Eventually, do you see yourself growing those huge chunks of muscles here and there? Or do you just want to make do with your free time and get good results?

How Many Exercises Per Workout

The answer to this would guide you to setting your own workout routine. But let me forewarn you that the reason why there are fitness coaches and trainers is because, no specific number of exercise, repetitions, and sets, per workout, have been standardized for a novice, a weightlifter or any enthusiast. The coaches are there to tailor fit these to you as they study your weight, body type and experience. However, you should chin up and just be totally fine starting on with the basics.

Here are the things you should know and you would encounter for the rest of your fitness journey:

  • An exercise is done by continuously doing movements
  • These movements are counted by repetitions or REPS
  • The number of times you do these repetitions would constitute a SET, taking rest, and doing another SET with the same number of times you repeated the movement/exercise

For starters looking to develop strength, the standard number of repetitions per workout should be between 20-50 reps. By workout, it means your workout completing this number, it doesn’t matter how you break it down in a week for as long as you do 20-50 reps in the entire routine. Say, do 15 reps on Monday and 15 on Wednesday and another 20 on Saturday. That is 50 reps.

But, it is only one factor. Thinking you can do squats the entire time and repeat it 50 times and then you’re good? SCRAP THE IDEA!

This is where the different types of exercise come in and what they do for your muscles groups. Let’s go in there…

What Different Exercises Do to the Body?

Basically, we have free exercise, which means to use tools where resistance is induced by free, moving an object like dumbbells and barbell.

Next, we have body weight exercise – moving your body from one point to another such as push-ups, raises, squats and lunges. And the last, machine exercise which makes use of rowing machines, leg press seats, lat pull-down machines and cables or ropes.

How Many Exercises Per Workout

These exercises target muscles in our body. Now for each exercise, you would be hitting a larger group of muscles. In the process, you would be targeting the secondary or smaller muscles because that particular exercise just does! This is called a compound exercise.

The idea is not to settle for isolation exercise alone, which only hit one major muscle group. These include lateral, calf and front raises using dumbbells or cables. If ever you are doing this kind of exercise, combine it with a compound. This way, you are assured of not wasting your time, which seems to be the main concern since working out must promise something good, eh? That’s a truly valid concern.

The Workout Routine

For example, doing a squat would hit your quads (primary) and the lower body (secondary). Doing this in a day for 10 reps with pull-ups of 10 reps (hitting the back and biceps) is pretty much how much your body can take in a day as a beginner.

Now, you have another workout free time the next few days, strive to do another type of exercise which would hit the chest along with the shoulders like bench press. You can combine that with an overhead shoulder press to hit the triceps too.

How Many Exercises Per Workout

You CAN also do the half of the reps you should do in one workout. But take note that as a beginner, if you are, you must be able to work out for not below two to three times a week. Practically, our body CANNOT take an intense workout of more than 50 reps a day because there can always be a scenario of muscle failure, and exercising would have to be done gradually. Those bodybuilders did not just wake up one day carrying the weights and walk out totally fine. It is the result of a gradual process and consistency.

Here are experts’ videos for you to understand the goals of working out.

Here is how to split your workout routine from the excellent, first-hand experience of A Work out Routine. For low intensity, you can do a minimum of 2 sets of 12 repetitions each set. Amp it by moving to moderate intensity of 3 to 4 sets of 10 reps each set. Move it further to high-intensity workout by doing 6 to 8 sets with 3-4 repetitions.

Take note that the more sets you do, the lower the repetitions and the more repetitions, the lesser sets you must tackle. In each of these, you will get an average of 20-50 reps thus completing your workout.

To make it more fun, explore exercises that will put the main parts of your body to work. Resistance is key in exercise and this is how energy or calories burn. But, do not be too hasty in switching routines because you need to assess if it is working for you too. Usually, a span of 2 weeks of alternate routines yields results before you can entirely experiment on another set of routine exercises. There is so much beauty in knowing how you fare and consulting with your friends, aka fitness addicts, who can also share with you invaluable information.

Just Do It

Perhaps, just reading about these exercises and workout math intimidates you?

How Many Exercises Per Workout

Well here is Harvard’s list of physical workouts from the mundane things you do. From moving furniture to walking on your way home, it turns out we all do some form of workout every day!

You also know that nowadays, recording the number of steps you took in a day is considered a professional way of working out, right.

After all, you need not focus on numbers of EXERCISES! That is what at least experts can agree on. You just need to make sure your counting repetitions are flawless and as long as you are open to exploring all types of exercises out there, you are on your way!

Also, take note that when watching your favorite home videos, choose the exercises that you think to target your primary and secondary muscles for better results.

Lastly, the ideal routine is to build the repetitions for 2 weeks before shifting or advancing to the next level.

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