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How To Get The Best Out Of Life With These Goal Setting Exercises

What are your goals in life? How do you setup your goal to get the best out of life? What are the best goal setting exercises that you can do? Knowing my goals has helped me to focus and make the most out of every day. As people always say, life does not change overnight even when we often hope that it would.


Each of our actions, even the small ones, adds up to enormous changes in our lives over time. This is why it is very important to have them set, so we do not just end up doing things unintentionally or half-heartedly. Goals give us the power to live life with a direction, improves motivation, and boost confidence.

goal setting exercises

The manner by which we select, set, and pursue our goals makes a huge difference in our lives. Goal setting is a very simple, yet amazing exercise. It allows us to shift our focus from the short-term gains, towards the long-term results. This shift of focus lead you towards knowledge, helps you to organize your resources including time to be able to make the most of your life.

What You Will Need

A sharp and clearly defined goal allows a person to measure and take pride in every achievement. For this goal setting exercise, you will need the determination and will to accomplish it appropriately. Aside from that, you will need only the following.

· daily planner/ piece of paper/ blank document on your computer

· pencil

· a calendar

· goal track manager

· a friend (of course, everyone should have one!)

goal setting exercises

They say writing down your goals gives you better chances of achieving it. This may be as simple as using a piece of paper, where you can literally write down your goals. Alternatively, this can be a daily planner where you can be more specific with the whereabouts of your goals. A blank document can also be a medium where you can note down your goals so you do not forget about them. Then, after having your goals set you can track them using a goal tracking manager.

Ask yourself “When was the last time...”

goal setting exercises

Think about the last time when you last felt an emotion or feeling. Doing this can help you see the bigger picture of the situation. This way, you will find a more effective manner of using the precious time and effort. Use the answers as a guide to see where your resources go and then alter them. Note down the answers to the following questions, “When was the last time I…”

· Learned and developed a new skill

· Had an amazing and happy feeling

· Felt complete focus on my task

· Felt the true inner piece

· Felt proud of myself

· Did something out of being forced

Re-examine your Personal Principles

Goal Setting Exercises

Your personal core values influence what you see as important in life. These values help to direct you and sense what is wrong and right. Making sure that you set your goals to your personal, core belief and values lead you to be naturally motivated. This means that you will truly have the drive to strive towards it without the feeling of restraint. Matching your personal core values with your own way of life also causes great happiness. You can identify your core values by answering these questions:

· What are the top three qualities of a person that you admire most?

· What would you do if you have one year left to live?

· What are your three accomplishments you take pride of in your deathbed?

· What are the three most important lessons you learned in life?

Determine Your View of a Perfect Day

goal setting exercises

Focusing your mind on how you spend your day will help you to know exactly where to put your efforts. In order to do this, note down a detailed description of what you consider as the best day. This will serve to inspire you in life without any feeling of exhaustion or devastation. Asking yourself the questions as simple as the following will help you to guide yourself towards your perfect day.

· What time will you wake up?

· Will you have a cup of coffee?

· Are you going to take a walk?

· What will be your first activity in the morning?

Create Your Own Eulogy

goal setting exercises

You read that right. Although this may seem like a daunting activity, you will be surprised how useful this can be. Take some time to think what you will want them to read at your funeral. Use the following questions as you guide in making your eulogy.

· What are the lessons that people say they learn from you?

· What are the most unforgettable accomplishments that you achieved in life?

· How do you want your character described by people?

· What is the most important specific thing that people remember about you?

· How do you want others to describe your life’s purpose and fulfillment?

Find the Possible Solutions to Challenges

Find the Possible Solutions to Challenges

goal setting exercises

As you go along the goal creation process, think of all the problems that you might encounter. Then, think of the ways you can cope with them.

1. Note the first and most challenging issue that comes to your mind.

2. Get away from distraction, then think of as many solutions you can think of.

3. Let your ideas flow without stopping them.

4. In the case of a problem, view the paper and select your best option from there.

5. After a few days, revisit your list then select the best remember in your head.

6. Break these solutions down into simple steps.

7. Use these steps as an action plan to achieve your goal.

Find a Friend to Reflect with

goal setting exercises

Begin by thinking back to the past with your friend. Review of the times when you had throughout the years. Let yourself to dream aloud as you go along. This will give a vibrational alignment by simply hoping and working toward your goals. The main idea is to allow yourself to be inventive when setting goals. Use the following guidelines.

· Even when it seems silly, keep going.

· Give at least five minutes per person. Do not interrupt or allowed yourself to be in discomfort for other thoughts.

· Avoid having reactions with your friend’s wild dreaming. Remember you hold the space for their vision. Thus, it will only be ridiculous if you let yourself feel that way.

· Intend to hold the vision of one another literally.

· Trust yourself to have full control on your dreams and making it into a reality.

Perform the “I am Financially Free” Exercise

 (Goal Setting Exercises)

goal setting exercises

This activity will involve thinking that you have won a lottery. There is no need to think how you are going to pay bills. Instead, focus on how your days will go on. This will help you know yourself better as you take the activity.

1. The Million Pounds Giveaway Activity

List ten things that you truly want to buy if you receive a million dollars.

2. Long Lost Friend Activity

Answer the following questions as in a situation when you meet a good old friend.

· I live in….

· The car I drive is….

· My job is…

· I earn this much…

· I have taken up….

· I have acquired this new skill of…

· My partner is…

3. The Charity Giveaway Activity

Write down on a piece of paper, to whom you will give the money if you receive $100,000.

Let me know if you enjoyed the tutorial. These steps of goal setting are very important because it gives direction, boosts motivation, and improves self-confidence. Life surely does not change overnight but a continuous effort every day will make a huge difference. Make use of a goal tracker to check on what you have accomplished. Knowing your goals, you can shift all your time and effort into organizing your resources to make the most out of life. Give us a heads up on what you think about the article. Also, please do share if you liked it.

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