page contents Top 7 Weird and Disgusting Food For Fitness (#3 Will Make You Gag!)

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Top 7 Weird and Disgusting Food For Fitness (#3 Will Make You Gag!)

Are you sick and tired of eating fruits and veggies just to get fit? And have you ever wonder if getting those desired muscles in your body will all depend on your daily exercise and sickening foods with no fun eating at all? Then kick your boredom away by giving some twist to your daily food for fitness consumptions with these list of foods( food for fitness) you've never imagined getting your mouth (or even your hands!) into.


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I must ask, let's recap your past and think of the weirdest and most disgusting food you have eaten for either pleasure or dare? Have you tried alligator meat? Duck eggs? Frogs? Snake blood? And even bull penis or testes? Yup! These foods do exist! And it's good (or not?) to say that these foods are all safe for human consumption.

They are all strange, but these foods can be found in different parts of the world and mainly depends on people's culture like the way Mexicans eat grasshoppers while Cambodians are okay in eating tarantulas. But have you wonder why these people eat such weird and disgusting foods? What makes them gain the knowledge that these foods are good to eat not just for pleasure but for health benefits too?

Let's know more of what these weird and disgusting foods could give us aside from a lot of vomiting it could cause you before finishing one:

1. Caterpillars for proteins.

Food For Fitness

Nope, we’re not talking about the caterpillars with spikes and poisonous but rather the moth-like caterpillars. These fuzzy critters are more commonly serve in some regions of Africa, especially in Botswana. And with the growing popularity of this cuisine, people are starting to monitor its growth and started following strict harvesting schedules just so caterpillars can still maintain its population.

Caterpillars are known to bear great amounts of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. Moreover, 100 grams of caterpillar can also have 28.2 grams of protein and 35.5 milligrams of iron that can defeat the nutritional advantage of a turkey leg. Usually, you can fry caterpillars and it them as it is, yet, you can also smoke it that can last for 3 months in storage, or season it with onions, tomatoes, and spices to somehow alter the taste and makes it look more appealing.

2. Duck eggs or Balut for stronger joints.

Food For Fitness

Ahh! Filipinos have a reputation for serving and eating a lot of weird and disgusting foods there is. And one way to prove it is their very own balut that you could found in the main streets of the Philippines. Baluts are fertilized duck eggs with the underdeveloped embryo inside which are served boiled and eaten while holding the shell.

So what does balut or fertilized duck eggs could give you since it also widely used to every fear factor episodes worldwide? To begin with, baluts are very high in cholesterol, fats, and protein. Yet, very low in calories. An egg of balut could contain 188 calories, 619 milligrams of cholesterol and 14 grams of fats along with the same amount of protein.

At times, people who eat balut claims that the taste of it fairly depends on a person's perception on the fertilized duck eggs. It can be a nightmare if a person chose to look at the fertilized undeveloped duck inside it or it could also be a tasty night snack for those who looks at it as just another egg meal to be eaten. So start choosing on which of the two you belong.

3. Fried tarantulas for back pains.

Food For Fitness

VeNOM NOM NOM… who would have thought that spiders that have poisonous venom in their blood could be a perfect food for fitness? Well, in people in Cambodia does. And it apparently, they are addicted to this delicacy as the vendors of fried tarantulas are increasing in numbers to offer this crazy snack to every tourist in town. In fact, residents of Cambodia are growing tarantulas just for this purpose.

Who else doesn't feel any Goosebumps even by just thinking of touching this creepy creature? Almost none I think. However, this crawlies are usually eaten fried and are said to taste its best when cooked with salt and garlic. This spider delicacy is also found to be rich in protein and could even cure breathing problems in children.

In addition to the health benefits of spiders, you could also have cosmetic properties when you decided to eat this healthy snack as it can enhance your beauty from within and improve your outer glow. Moreover, it is also believed that when you eat the spider with its legs first, your body could achieve a long and lustrous hair too. Just don't be surprise with its crunchy texture outside and soft texture inside since it is still a palm-size spider after all.

4. Bull’s penis or testes for fertility.

In addition to the weird balut, Filipinos also serves bull penis or testes that are commonly hidden to the In addition to the weird balut, Filipinos also serve bull penis or testes that are commonly hidden to the name "soup number 5". This soup is known to have an aphrodisiac property that is very similar to Viagra. And although there are still no scientific studies in this matter, many people who have eaten the dish are claiming and testifying that its potency as a libido enhancer is very much true.

However, this dish is being controlled by authorities since the effect of it to men are believed to be the main cause of increased crime rates in some places where the soup is being offered. Some of the crimes reported are related to sexual abuse, rape along with the rapid growth of population that causes poverty in most places.

Nonetheless, here is the recipe you might want to try doing yourself.

5.  Grasshoppers for iron.

Food For Fitness

Have you ever experience staring at a grasshopper and thinking if it is edible and if you could add it in your Have you ever experience staring at a grasshopper and thinking if it is edible and if you could add it to your diet? Sounds weird and scary, but the answer is, you definitely can! As much as ants are obsessed with this hopping creatures, the people in Mexico are also featuring this weird food as their most favorite snack in their street.

There's a lot of ways to cook grasshoppers, but in preparing it, you must have to take away its legs, excreta, and wings first. Similar to caterpillars, 100 grams of grasshoppers also contains 3.3 grams of fat, 2.2 grams of carbohydrates and 14 grams of protein which are crucial for muscle building as well as on workouts for weight loss. Either way, munching on one with onion, garlic or chili sauce could definitely make you cringe than ever.

6. Raw eggs for better workout routines.

Food For Fitness

Hello, there cheese lovers! Just when you have read cheese in the list, and you thought that this one is safer and better than the others, then it's probably the other way around. Casu marzu are actually the fancy name for "rotten cheese" wherein you eat cheese with live maggots in it. Aren't scared enough?

We all know that milk is very beneficial to our body especially to those who wants to stay fit. Well, if you are sick and tired of cow's milk, then shift to sheep's milk. And one way to consume sheep milk is by its cheese with something alive living in it. In this case, VERY ALIVE!

Sheep milk gives high-performance to athletes. This is why it's the favorite fuel food of many. And while this food is okay in liquid form, others believed that you could further enhance the benefits of sheep milk when you turn it into a cheese and allow maggots to invade it. Yet, a safety precaution is still advised in consuming this, that you must chew those live maggots in your mouth to assure that there are no live maggots to enter into your system that could house in the linings of your internal organs.

7. Raw eggs for better workout routines.

Food For Fitness

Who doesn’t know this trick? In fact, you could see some fitness gyms around the world who offers raw eggs to their members to be consumed before or after workouts. Either way, if you drink or eat raw eggs, you could have the added proteins which could help you in building those muscles and burn down more fat than regular fiber foods could do in your body.

In addition to the claims of fitness gurus about the benefits of raw eggs, Dr. Mercola of “Healing Daily” also testifies that raw eggs are safe and more nutritional than the cooked ones since preparing it under heat could deflate its nutritional value. Yet, USDA still disagrees in this way of consuming eggs as you can acquire Salmonella which could result in diarrhea, fever, vomiting and several health concerns.

All these foods may be considered to be weird and super disgusting to most of us, yet, there are still some who dares to eat and overcome the fear in their minds just for the sake of fitness along with health pleasures that you could acquire on each of the items above. Meanwhile, it is still highly advised that taking some risk in consuming these said foods must be accompanied with the readiness of undergoing any side effects it might cost you. For further information, sharing some of your experience with us are highly encouraged and appreciated.

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