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5 Promising Reasons To Love Cream Of Wheat Vs Oatmeal For Weight Loss (The Truths Will Blow Your Mind!)

As they all say, to have a healthy lifestyle, you must eat like a king for breakfast, eat like a prince at lunch and eat like a servant at dinner. But what if you’ve just decided to lose some extra pounds off your weighing scale? Will it still be possible to eat like a king during breakfast with your weight at risk? Let think about cream of wheat vs oatmeal.


Well, this happens. But luckily, we have answers to your dilemma! Just choose between cream of wheat vs oatmeal as your breakfast and you’ll definitely up a sated meal without any more weight problems. Both of these foods are great for weight loss without sacrificing the comfort of a warm breakfast. However, choosing one from another that best satisfy all your needs may be quite a headache for some.

In differentiating what’s best for you, it is just fair and just to equally scale the nutritional values and understand the benefits of these both breakfast foods. For your advantage, I have compiled 5 reasons for you to decide on. The values pointed out below are based on a 1 cup serving of both cream of wheat and oatmeal that are prepared with water.

1. Lesser Calorie Contents

Cream of wheat vs Oatmeal

When you say weight loss, calorie contents of your foods are the first thing to pop up in our mind. With this, it is said that oatmeal has a total of 166 calories together with its 10 percent daily values of different nutrients essential to our body like iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, thiamine, phosphorus and selenium.

While, on the other hand, cream of wheat is found to have lesser total calories of 126 which is great for weight loss. However, the density of nutrients in cream of wheat aren’t as much as with the oatmeal since cream of wheat only contains 10 percent of the needed daily values of selenium, iron, and calcium.

Nonetheless, getting lesser nutrients with cream of wheat is still easier to deal with than with the excess calories found in oatmeal.

2. Greater niacin and folate values

As you go on to the vitamin contents, the good part is that almost all B vitamins, except of course with vitamin B-12 which aren’t naturally found in plant-based foods, are found in both cream of wheat and oatmeal.

Cream of wheat vs Oatmeal

Furthermore with the comparison, oatmeal only contains at least 3 to 4 percent of the recommended values of niacin and folate. In our preparation of 1 cup serving of oatmeal, the value of niacin was found to be only 0.5 milligrams and folate with 14 milligrams.

Meanwhile, you’ll be surprised that with cream of wheat, the values of niacin and folate are doubled. Cream of wheat can supply your body with 45 milligrams of folate which is nearly 11 percent of the recommended folate intake of the body and 1.3 milligrams of niacin which is 8 percent of the recommended niacin intake.

Be guided that niacin are great for weight loss as it helps our body to produce energy from our food intake while folate helps in improving your metabolic rate as it aids in burning more fats stored in our body. This way, the higher the values of niacin and folate in your food, the better result for weight loss. Thus, cream of wheat wins in this section.

3. Mineral contents

Many of us believe for a very long time (or maybe, forever?) that oatmeal is the better food to provide us with a great value of iron. Well, what if I tell you that cream of wheat just beat that record? Yep! Cream of wheat may be better.

Cream of wheat vs Oatmeal

To support this speculation, our preparation of 1 cup oatmeal with water is said to contain 2 milligrams of iron or at least 12 percent of recommended values of iron for women’s and 26 percent of men’s. While with cream of wheat preparation, 9 milligrams of iron or 53 percent of women’s recommended daily iron intake and 117 percent of men’s recommended iron intake are said to be found. Although the iron value for cream of wheat are far from harming your body, keep in mind that too much iron can still be toxic especially in high amounts. You have to be conscious for you not to exceed the 35 milligram limit of iron intake daily.

Moreover, as said above, oatmeal contains 5 times more of nutritional content like magnesium and 7 times more with zinc. But still, don’t forget that cream of wheat contains calcium that is 10 times higher than with the calcium found in oatmeal.

4. Potential Dietary Fibers

Cream of wheat vs Oatmeal

Fiber is the one responsible for keeping your appetite at its lowest without even exerting any efforts to do so. And when you search for various ways to lose weight, you can see in every weight loss program that increasing your fiber intake is one of the most suggested solutions for weight loss.

And so, for cream of wheat lovers, unluckily, its fiber amount is lesser that with oatmeal’s as the cream of wheat only contains 1.3 grams of fiber. However, for oatmeal fans, a cup of cooked oatmeal can give our body 4 grams of fiber which is 11 percent of the recommended daily values of men’s and 16 percent of women’s. Also, oatmeal contains a special kind of dietary fiber known as the “beta glucan” and are highly beneficial in lowering the body’s cholesterol level by up to 10 percent.

5. Filling your body with Protein

Cream of wheat vs Oatmeal

Another important factor that could help us in aiding the hunger in our body is protein. Protein works best in turning fats into muscles, thus, weight loss is achieved. And like the battle of dietary fiber on the cream of wheat vs oatmeal, researchers have stated out in the related studies between the two foods that oatmeal can give us more protein than cream of wheat.

The value of protein for oatmeal ranges 5.9 grams while with cream of wheat, only 3.6 grams of protein is obtained. Yet, although oatmeal won the battle over protein content, more servings of cream of wheat can be eaten in one meal which can increase the amount of protein intake without worrying the consumption of too many calories.

The battle for weight loss continues…

Comparing which one is better over two foods are always endless. And in this case, let’s give our brain (and our belly too) some rest and let’s settle things out.

Cream of wheat vs Oatmeal

Cream of wheat which are made specifically from whole wheat are perfect for weight loss. This kind of cream of wheat is popular since it is very effective in making you feel fuller with lesser calorie intake. Yet, be advised that cream of wheat alone is not ideally taken during breakfast. If you will consider the cream of wheat as your weight loss meal, it’ll be great to add a few fruits, nuts and low-fat dairies along with it to still consume the recommended daily values for your body.

Meanwhile, the same factors are also applied for oatmeal. It is also great for weight loss and oat bran, steel cuts or whole rolled oats are the options to look for if you’ve decided to go for oatmeal to aid your weight loss. Avoid processed oatmeal or those that are classified as instant oatmeal since it may contain higher sugar content that could only oppose its weight loss benefits.

Suggested preparation for Cream of Wheat vs Oatmeal

Cream of wheat vs Oatmeal

With the said nutritional values above, a cup serving of each food which is mixed with water may not be an ideal breakfast for most of us, that when these foods are prepared this way, most of us won’t sacrifice the good meal from a blunt one so we’ll disregard the health benefits that both of these foods just so we won’t eat a dull breakfast.

Thus, various recipes for cream of wheat and oatmeal are beginning to get more popular all over social media. Luckily, I’ve got my hands on some of them and I’m sharing it with you. Here are some quick and easy recipes to do at home:

  •  Oatmeals
  • Cream of wheat

Final thoughts

Whether you choose the cream of wheat or oatmeal for weight loss, both could still give you satisfying benefits for your body. Although cream of wheat and oatmeal differs on many aspects, putting these foods on your diet will still help you in aiding your weight loss program. So choosing which one’s the best widely varies from person to person’s perspective and the options generally depend on you. Just be reminded that both foods are not a balanced meal itself and both must be accompanied by other beneficial foods for your diet goals.

And whatever ways you eat both foods, there is no secret magic for the success of weight loss. Getting fit and healthy isn’t done overnight (unless you know some miracle foods, feel free to share it with us in the comment section). Other factors must also be considered too. Overall, the battle for cream of wheat vs oatmeal can be considered a draw.

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