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Important Guidelines In The Best Weight Training For Beginners To Get Fast And Amazing Results

With the on-going revolution of various diseases in our generation today, more and more people are switching to a healthy lifestyle, along with a healthy and nutritious diet. However, we all know that starting the adventure of a healthy and fit lifestyle isn’t as easy as it may seem; hence why many beginners have failed to continue and maintain the road to a better life and figure. (What’s the best weight training for beginners).

Since various strength and weight lifting programs, workouts, and exercises have become mainstream, even on social media, many beginners thought that weightlifting, combined with push-ups and sit-ups, is really the right way to start a healthy lifestyle. But unfortunately, it is also the most common mistake among beginners (I know because I did that too!). If you want to start the best weight training routine, then you will want to read this guideline that suits best for beginners like you, to achieve the goal that you’ve been longing for.


Where Do I Start? Does Everybody Start the Same Way?

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Don’t worry! It’s okay to feel lost, confused and insecure about what and where to start your weight training. In fact, as a beginner, you may experience this a lot in your journey to a healthy and fit body. Whether you are overweight or thin, starting with the right step can truly bring a huge transformation in your life; it is important that you have your mind and body committed to your goals right from the start and let your mindset wipe away all the exhaustion that comes your way.

Start your weight training with these things in mind:

1. Don’t Consider Your Gender

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Try observing the people in the gym. You will see that women are trained and treated milder than men when it comes to workouts. This is due to the idea that women can’t bear greater weight and force than a man. Fortunately, this is wrong.

Women don’t need any special treatment or needs when it comes to getting fit; they should be trained similar to men. You have to keep in mind that the only thing that differs from men and women are the result or the effect of their workouts on their body. This is due to the hormonal differences of both genders.

Men are naturally supplied with testosterone in their body, which helps in building and toning their muscles. Thus, if you’re a woman, lifting heavier weights than a man doesn’t necessarily mean you could build more muscle than them (unless you’re taking a testosterone supplement). Additionally, women have estrogen that reacts with other factors that makes the body less durable with workouts than men.

So when you think on where to start your weight training, don’t rely on what your gender is; what’s important is that you start with the right weight training for you, regardless if that’s for males or females. Besides, training like a man doesn’t mean you’ll end up looking like a man and training like a woman won’t make you less of a man.

2. Set Your Motivational Goals

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Of course! Starting something big that could change almost every point of view in your life must first and foremost start with setting your mind on your goals. However, dreaming and goals aren’t the same thing. You can’t keep on thinking and desiring a masculine or a sexy body in just a week.

Let’s face it! What I’m saying is, make your goals realistic enough to motivate you every time exhaustion comes your way. If you want to lose fat, set your goal to weigh at least 10% less than your first weight in one week. If you’re into building more muscles, then focus on a goal that will improve your muscular strength in a week.

Once you’ve set the right and realistic goal for you, motivation will surely follow through. For instance, there are some people who get more motivated when they think they’ll gain more energy to do the things they weren’t able to do before, if they lose their excess body weight. Some get more inspired when they start feeling healthy and active after a few sets of weight training. You have to keep in mind that whatever your goal is, there will always be something that will keep you moving on through your weight training.

3. Know How Many Calories You Need To Burn

Best Weight Training for Beginners

As a beginner, you may want to first know how many calories there are in your body for you to burn (this part could be a bit confusing as it involves a lot of necessary calculations, so you might need some assistance from a nutritionist or a fitness instructor). By knowing the details of your body, you could be able to focus on what weight training program will suit you best in helping to achieve your goals faster. Try finding someone to assist you with this, or you could check it yourself on the BMI calculator provided.

Additionally, in terms of burning excess calories, you may opt to calculate your calorie intake everyday so you’ll know how much excess fat there is to lose. If you’re active, you may aim to lose about 12-13 calories per pound of your body weight daily. If you’re not, then 10-12 calories per pound will do. Better yet, if you feel unsure of your body weight and calorie calculations, the calorie calculator below may help you get things going.

Strength Training For Fat Loss

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Now that you’re done with your first milestone, it’s time to get into the hard part: starting your strength training to get that fat burning. Strength training is getting more popular among weight trainees, as this is said to be the fastest and most effective way to lose that body fat, especially if the training sessions are done correctly and appropriately.

Moreover, if you want to be surprised on how drastic your body could change and improve, then you might want to try pairing your strength trainings with a balanced, nutritional diet. This way, you’re not just burning fat and losing weight, you are also getting the right and proper nutritional requirements that your body needs.

1. Pure Strength Exercises

  • Low Goblet​​​​ Box Squat

For a beginner-friendly strength training, start by standing straight while holding a heavy dumbbell with both hands. Place the dumbbell in level with your chin, as both your hands are carrying the weight of the dumbbell. Begin squatting as low as you can until you form a 90 degree angle at your knees while keeping the dumbbell in level with your chin.

Your main goal is to squat as low as you can, as if you are sitting on a box. But don’t worry, we all know this won’t happen in an instant. It may take some time and a few reps before you can achieve the goal of the exercise. One tip is to do some progression and intensify your exercises every rep until you have reached the right squat for this training.

  • Barbell Deadlift
Best Weight Training for Beginners
Best Weight Training for Beginners

For the second exercise, aim to strengthen your hips; try lifting a barbell from a power rank or use some barbell weight, so the bar will be closer to your knee level. Start by standing straight with feet hips-width apart from each other. Reach for the bar of the barbell by bending your knees, not by just bending your hips down, because you’re more prone to suffering back injuries when you do so. Lift the barbell off the ground and return to a standing position with the help and support of your hips in carrying the bar. Slowly put the barbell back on the floor by bending your knees again

  • Dumbbell One Arm Press

There are a lot of dumbbell exercises that beginners can qualify for. As for me, this one arm press exercise seems to get the results done faster than others. Not to mention, it’s quite easier than others too.

Best Weight Training for Beginners


Stand straight with your butt and stomach tight during the whole duration of the exercise. Lift a dumbbell that weights appropriately to your body as you place your elbow slightly in front. Lift the dumbbell, as you straighten your arms upward in the air, and then slowly bend back your elbows to return to your starting position. Perform several reps of the exercise on both arms.

2. Metabolic Resistance Training

Resistance training is also known as the interval training, which sometimes causes a lot of confusion to some. Its technique is that it works on your body by performing a high intensity workout, followed by a short duration of rest, which could last for about 4-20 minutes, then back up again at high intensity. Another benefit of this training is that it doesn’t usually need gym equipment; your bodyweight is enough to create an intense rep of workouts for this training.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Here are some ideas you might want to add to your routine, whether in an intense training or part of your rest exercise:

  • Assisted Cable Pull Up and Down

If you perform this exercise for an intense training, start by choosing the weight you’ll pull, then sit straight on the gym equipment as you hold on to the bar and start pulling down to carry the weight. Do this in a quick number of reps as you adjust to heavier weights between each rep. Don’t let your body slouch during the whole duration of the exercise, as it may cause serious back injuries.

Best Weight Training for Beginners


For the resting phase of your resistance training, you may perform this exercise, but as you pull down the bar, you may opt to rest and hold the bar for some time while keeping your tummy, along with your arms, intact before pulling the bar back up.

  • Push-Ups

Who doesn’t love push-ups? Well, as popular as it is, every beginner definitely has push-ups in mind to perform and incorporate in their starter trainings. Even though some may not perform the exercise completely, the key to get beginners through this phase is by doing it progressively.

With this, I’ve chosen an elevated push-up that suits best for first-timers. All you have to do is find a place or thing where you could lean your whole body weight forward. In this case, start by standing arms-length in front of a bar and stretch your arms as you hold the bar to create a 45 degree slant; stand with the floor while keeping the bar in place. Bend your elbows, so your arms and hands will entirely support and carry your whole bodyweight, then slowly strengthen back your arms to return to your starting position.

  • Inverted Row

Another cool and awesome way to use your bodyweight for resistance training is the inverted row. This exercise may sound and look like an inverted push-up, since you could perform this by doing push-ups in the opposite direction.

Start by slanting your body to form a 45 degree angle with the floor. Reach for the bar with your back sided on the floor and you facing the ceiling. Then, aim to lift your body by bending your elbows and slowly straightening it back as you lower your body down to the floor.

3. Moderate to Intense Cardio Workouts

For the traditional part of the training, you could do cardio workouts to keep your blood pumping with energy, thus a faster metabolism and more calories burnt. In fact, you don’t need any necessary workout plans to follow when doing cardiovascular workouts. The secret is just to keep your heart rate pumping at 120-140 beats per minute and you’re definitely off to a great start.

  • Aerobic Sessions

Tired of the exhausting workout sessions at the gym? For beginners, confiding yourself to the gym all day may be quite much at times. So why not go on to the fun part and gather your family, friends, loved ones and even a stranger at the gym to go outside and perform some aerobic sessions anywhere.

Start by playing some upbeat music and just move your body to the beat while you perform quick and easy exercises that can keep your heart pumping intensely. There are some institutions that offers aerobic sessions, while at times; you could see a group of people at a park doing some aerobics for free. Either way, you could try enrolling yourself for more fun and intense aerobics cardio workouts.

  • Treadmill Run
Best Weight Training for Beginners

Running is another easy way to get the best cardio workout. Aside from the fact that it’s free, you could do it anywhere, even while strolling the neighbourhood. You could also improve your hips, leg strength and endurance. However, if you still feel embarrassed of people seeing you working out, you may use a treadmill to do the job for you without letting the whole world see you.

Just stand on a treadmill and start by slow walking to brisk walking until you intensify your cardio workout to a fast, running phase. You could also try inclining the treadmill to increase muscle building in your legs and hips.

  • Burpees

Even though burpees are an excellent workout to keep your heart rate pumping promptly, beginners still have a hard time completing a set of burpees for their starter workout. As this may be confusing to some, it is normal to get lost in the middle of your reps; a lot of focus is required throughout the whole process to complete one set of reps of this exercise.

Start by standing straight with your feet hips-width apart, then squat down so you can place your hands on the floor and put your feet back; this will help you get into a push-up position. Perform one push-up before returning your feet to the back of your hands while squatting to return to the standing position.

 Once you’re completely standing up again, perform one jump with your hands and arms stretched up in the air to complete one set of burpees. Do several sets of burpees to make 1 rep and rest for 15 seconds to 1 minute before doing another rep of this exercise.

Best Weight Training For Beginners Guide

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Being a beginner, you will always think to get the most benefits of all the exercises in your weight training, you must indulge your body on the training grounds more. Well, this is quite wrong in most cases. Working your body to exhaustion to achieve wonderful results may not always work for everyone. Training yourself correctly and appropriately is the main factor to get what you are aiming for.

It is true what they say; “there’s no shortcut for success”. Don’t aim to hurry your workouts by skipping workout sessions or doing more than you are allowed to perform in a day. Here’s a guideline that helped many beginners in starting their weight strength training (it might help you too!):

  • Don’t Push Your Body More Than Its Limit
    It is okay to feel some soreness and body pains once in a while. For some people, it means that they’ve done well on their workout and they’ve targeted and toned the right muscle on their exercises. However, getting your body worn down for several days after your first weight training workout isn’t exactly the right thing to do. As a beginner, it is okay not to wear on your body on the first few weeks of your weight trainings, since being sore can also weaken your muscles instead of toning and firming it.
  • It Is More Than Fatigue
    Getting all your workouts done and feeling the fatigue, along with the exhaustion at the end of the day, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve performed a successful workout. At times, especially for beginners, not finishing your workout sessions is okay. You’re aiming for your weight training, not completing all reps of all the exercises in your training. Always keep in mind, your goal is to improve your body performance, strengthen your muscles, and tone your muscles while burning all the excess calories in your body.
  • Slow Is Okay
    Some exercises can be performed quickly, while others require some time; especially if it’s the first time you’ve performed certain workouts. You may not be able to fully complete each phase and that progression is necessary for that exercise. As a beginner and a first timer to some exercises, you must understand that being slow doesn’t mean your weak. Let your body move at its own pace and do your routine without being intimidated by how fast others can do it.

    Make a progression in every exercise you perform. Always start with the simplest ones. Once you’ve observed that your body has adapted to it, then that’s the only time you intensify your workout to the next level until you’ve reached your maximum potential. In time, you’ll barely notice that you’re developing a faster pace as you get the hang of your weight training.
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    Don’t Get Influenced By Others
    At times, doing your workout routines in a crowd, especially in a gym full of members, may feel uncomfortable. For some people, once you grow uncomfortable, you may start copying what they’re doing instead of sticking with your own weight training program. However, this isn’t the best choice if you aim to achieve your goals faster and more effectively. Keep yourself focused on nothing but you and your workouts ONLY.

    Try finding a workout buddy to have someone perform exercises with you. With this, you don’t have to be insecure and influenced on what others may think of you. Or, you could even set some music on a playlist and listen to it. This can help you to create your own private world that can take your mind off of your surroundings.
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    Keep Your Posture Straight
    Are you unsure if you’re performing your workout routines correctly? Look out for your posture. Keeping a straight and proper posture with your shoulders slightly leaned back and your chest out throughout your workouts can help you perfect your body form.
  • Always Stay Hydrated
    Aside from the fact that you will sweat a lot in your weight training, you must always keep your body hydrated. This is because your muscle is made up of roughly 75% water. So, if you want to build more muscle mass, one tip for a beginner is to simply drink more water before and even after trainings.

    Moreover, a lot of people don’t know that another cause of people becoming overweight is water retention in your body. Water retention causes you to weigh more than you actually do. It is not the excess body fat, but the excess water stored in your system. The best treatment for water retention is the cause itself; water. Drink more water to disperse more water away from your body. 
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    Ask the Right Person
    Sometimes, when we really don’t know what to do next or feel like giving up, all you have to do is pinpoint the right person to ask and talk to. You can’t come rushing to someone who does not know anything about your situation. The best options are the people with positive views on weight training workouts such as fitness trainers, nutritionists and health gurus.
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    Regulate Your Weight
    Building and toning your muscles doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be crushed under your workout weights. As a part of your weight training, you must always use the right and proper weight for your body to lift correctly, without any worries of getting injuries. It may be tempting to see yourself lifting the heaviest barbell or dumbbell in the gym, but to be honest; it won’t actually give you a great result

What is Suspension Training: Break-in Workout Programs for Beginners!

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Aside from strength training, beginners and first-timers could also choose to perform suspension training to help you develop your overall strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability, while doing just one workout exercise. Just as its name suggests, performing your suspension training requires and utilizes tools such as straps, belts, ropes or suspensions to allow your body to focus on several muscles all at the same time.

To give you an idea, suspension training exercises revolves mainly around an inelastic strap that is suspended loosely from the ceiling or any fixed anchor point that could withhold your overall bodyweight, while performing several multi-muscle workout routines. With the ongoing increase in its popularity, more and more trainers are suggesting this training to those people who wish to keep their body in its best physical condition.

1. Benefits of Suspension Training

Just thinking of what this training could do to improve your body is enough of a reason to put your mind and body to the test during this training. However, if you’re still not satisfied with the capabilities of suspension training for your body, then these benefits might convince you to have your workout in a suspension-training-kind of way.

Best Weight Training for Beginners
  • It’s Versatile
    Don’t worry if you have a unique body that requires different things than others; suspension training is versatile and flexible enough to adapt to your personal workout routine to fit perfectly into your body training. Whether you’re looking for an intense workout or a milder one, suspension training can help and support you with both. All you have to do is adjust your body angles on each movement, along with the amount of resistance you are exerting, based on how strong of intensity you want or need in every workout.
  • It’s Portable
    What other gym equipment or fitness tool is more portable and lighter than suspensions? Can’t think of any? Well, that’s simply because the tools you need for suspension training are the easiest and most portable tools you could carry around, without feeling any body pains after.

    In fact, you could even perform your suspension training anywhere. You could hang it in a tree at the park, in a jungle bar at the playground, or anywhere that you could imagine to do your workouts. No more hassle of installation or long manual instructions; just a sturdy and reliable support to hang your suspensions and you’re good to go, even when you’re on business trips or luxurious holiday vacations.
  • It Works Great for Metabolic Training
    Metabolic trainings are used for those who want to have higher intensity workouts for a short period of time, rather than wasting time on low intensity workouts just to burn calories. With this, suspension trainings come in handy. It makes a perfect pair with metabolic trainings since you can switch and transition your workout pace, depending on the location and the set of muscles you’re targeting.
  • Let’s You Engage Right to the Core
    Whether you admit it or not, going to the gym as a beginner, all your starter exercises are focused mainly on the upper and lower part of your body only. When you focus on these things alone, burning extra calories aren’t equally distributed throughout the body. But with suspension trainings, you could now give some attention to your abdomen.

    These abdominal exercises are the ones that really keep and improve your overall strength right from the very core. When you start off, have yourself suspended in a suspension and get your abdomen tightly and intensely engaged in every move of your exercise.
  • Allows You to Have Fun
    Yes, you’ve read it right. Fun! Although, when we say training, workouts, and exercises, you could already feel your body screaming from exhaustion! Well, it’s time to start looking at suspension trainings in a different way.

    For instance, have you ever wondered why kids love playing in the swing? That is because you could do a lot of things with it, like circling it around till the ropes are twisted and even standing on it while swinging. Same mechanics goes with suspension training. Just one tool to get the flexibility, balance, strength, and core stability that you need without feeling confided to neither one place nor one exercise.

2. Risks of Suspension Training

Surprisingly, for all those people who have tried suspension training, there is one and only one thing that makes suspension training risky to some. And that is, the probability of causing an injury to the trainee. But hey! The fact that all gym equipment and fitness tools can all cause injury could still make suspension training one of the best workouts to do for a beginner.

It’s risk for physical injury to the trainee isn’t because of its stability nor its durability (unless you’ve bought a cheaper one that obviously can’t handle your overall bodyweight, then that’s the time you have to doubt your suspensions for possible injuries). The injuries that people have experienced are referring to the lack of the trainee’s strength in their core while doing a certain exercise over a suspension. If this happens, then the trainee is probably using the wrong set of muscles, thus, raising their chances for injury.

3. Workout Programs to Try for Suspension Training

So now that you’re convinced suspension training will help you with a total body calorie burn, now it’s time to get to know the programs that you can start with to allow your body to adopt and get introduced to this kind of training.

  • TRX Row
Best Weight Training for Beginners


Grab the suspension with your hand; making sure you’re shoulder-width apart, let the suspension weigh you by slanting your body to make a 45 degree angle towards the ground, with your back on the side of the floor and your face facing upward.

Focus on your body so you can keep a straight and proper posture throughout the process. Then, start pulling your body towards the handle of the suspension, while keeping your feet in place on the ground.

Pause, and then slowly straighten back your arms to return your body into its starting position.

  • TRX Chest Press
Best Weight Training for Beginners


Like the TRX Row, the TRX Chest Press requires you to hold the handles of the suspension with your hand position shoulder-width apart from each other and slightly slant your body to create a 45 degree angle with the ground.

But unlike the TRX Row exercise, with TRX Chest Press, you will be positioned with your body facing towards the ground, while keeping your arms straight as a starting point.

Begin bending your elbows to lower your chest until it is almost parallel to the ground; pause, then slowly straighten back your arms to push your body back to your first position

  • TRX Squat
Best Weight Training for Beginners


On the other hand, TRX Squat will also start with the position the same as the TRX Row with hands holding the suspension and shoulder-width apart; yet, you don’t need to slant your body.

Standing straight with proper posture is enough to complete this set of exercises. Once ready, bend your knees until it creates a 90 degree angle, while stretching your arms slightly upward to make sure you have a grip on the suspension.

 Hold on to this position for a few seconds before standing straight up again into your first position.

In addition to these 3 listed TRX exercises, get more of the best TRX workouts to incorporate in your daily fitness routine by watching the video below:
Video  for 7 Best TRX Exercises:

Simple Nutrition Rules and Meal Planning for Beginner’s Strength Training

1. Nutritional Meal Planning

Completing your weight training doesn’t end by just finishing a few reps of your daily workout routine. Creating the perfect nutritional meal to pair with your trainings is also an important part to achieve your goals and get the wonderful results. Thus, focus on your target objective and browse through the wide variety of foods, so you can keep track of your daily intake of calories, protein, fats and carbs.

Furthermore, getting yourself fully nourished while on a high intensity training will not only refuel you with energy and keep you active, but it will also determine how long you still need to perform your routines and how much intensity you still need to add on your exercises. As an advice, fill and maintain your fridge with nutritional and healthy foods so you won’t get tempted in getting back to your old, unhealthy diet. Here’s a list of meal plans that you might want to try, depending on your focused goals:

Best Weight Training for Beginners
  • Beginner’s Meal Plan
    Every beginner and first-timer in any weight training requires a lot of energy to allow them to perform their exercise and get their blood pumping. With this, the best plan a nutritionist could give you is a meal full of protein, yet low in carbs. This kind of meal often comes with foods that are high in anti-oxidant properties, which could also improve the overall health of your body, especially your blood vessels and your heart.
  • Meal 1:
    1 ½ Cups of Greek yogurt
    ½ Cup of blueberries
    5 strawberries
    ⅔ Cup of blackberries
    ½ Cup of raspberries or 1 tbsp. of raisins
    ⅓ Cup of granola
    ⅓ Cup of rolled oats or ¾ cup of fibre cereals
    3 boiled eggs
  • Meal 2:
    2 scoops of your favourite protein powder
    3-4 cherries
    1 spoonful of flaxseeds
    ¼ Cup of coconut milk
    2 walnuts
    5 blackberries
    1 tbsp. of cocoa powder
    Ice and water
  • Meal 3:
    A vegetable-based burger made up of fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion, 95% lean ground beef, green beans, canola mayonnaise and ketchup
  • Meal 4:
    1 serving of protein shake or 1 regular size protein bar for your post workout nutrition
  • Meal 5:
    6 oz. of shrimp
    4 cups of fresh spinach
    ½ red bell pepper
    2 tbsp. of olive oil
    ¼ cup of cooked brown rice
    ¼ cup of cheese (preferably feta cheese)
  • ​​​​Muscle-Building Meal Plan
    If you aim to build muscles and gain some muscle mass, then this meal plan can help you with your fitness goals. These meals are both high in carbs, as well as calories. However, even though this meal plan seems to have no limitations, you should still follow your daily amount of food intake.
  • Meal 1:
    Scrambled Eggs With Cheese and Scallions
    Ingredients include:
    3 scrambled eggs
    3 egg whites
    ¼ cup of cheese (preferably cheddar cheese)
    2 scallions
    1 apple
    2 slices of wheat or high-fiber bread
  • Meal 2:
    Fruit Smoothie
    Ingredients include:
    2 scoops of protein powder
    1 Cup of blueberries or cubed mango chunks
    1 oz. of almonds
    1 cup of almond milk
  • Meal 3:
    Steak and Salad
    Ingredients include:
    3 oz. of grilled steak
    1 tomato
    1 spoonful of olive oil
    1 Cup of chickpeas
    Half diced cucumber
  • Meal 4:
    1 serving of protein shake or 1 regular size protein bar for your post workout nutrition
  • Meal 5:
    Chicken salad
    Ingredients include:
    3 oz. boiled chicken
    2 spoonful’s each of walnuts and raisins
    ⅓ cup of quinoa
  • Lean Muscle Meal Plan
    On the other hand, if you just aim to fasten your body’s weight loss activity, this low carb diet meal plan could do the trick for you. It emphasizes green leafy vegetable foods as a reminder to your body to abruptly lessen your calorie and carb intake. You may also see that this meal plan is set up for you to eat red meat just once a day.
  • Meal 1:
    Omelette With Spinach
    Ingredients include:
    3 scrambled eggs
    1 slice of cheese
    1 medium sized, fresh baby spinach
    1 peach
  • Meal 2:
    Nut shake with chia seeds and protein powder
  • Meal 3:
    A fruit smoothie from yogurt, flaxseed, protein powder and 1 whole fruit
  • Meal 4:
    4 oz. of steak with avocado and tomato salad
  • Meal 5: 
    1 serving of protein shake for your post workout nutrition
  • Meal 6:
    Pasta in Tomato Sauce
    Ingredients include:
    1 cup of sliced mushrooms
    3 oz. of diced, boiled chicken breast
    1 oz. whole wheat pasta
    2 Cups of fresh broccoli
    Half cup of tomato sauce
    A spoonful of olive oil

2. Top 6 Workout Supplements for Beginners

On the contrary, even if your body is jammed pack with nutrients and healthy foods, we really have to admit that going through training also needs some help from supplements to kick and boost your body the right way. And just as what its name suggests, it is called supplements as it supplies your body extra components to get your body boosting with energy, muscles, fat-burning cells and many more.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Here are the top 6 workout supplements to keep in mind for a more rewarding training result:

  • Creatinine
    In the market today, you might see two kinds of Creatinine being offered to body builders: One is Creatinine Monohydrate, which is significantly cheaper than the other creatinine supplements, like Kre-Alkalyn.  However, some reviews say that they prefer Kre-Alkalyn, regardless of its expensive price, since it has less water retention effect in the body than the other creatinine supplements. Yet, researchers have proven that both of these supplements can still give you the strength and added benefits that you’re looking for when you take Creatinine into your body.
  • Protein
    Even with the growing popularity of whey protein in the fitness industry today, you may still find a lot of varieties of protein supplements out there, such as egg, soy, and casein. Do you think that whey protein supplements just gained its fame and popularity from its flavors? Well, to be honest, whey is the best option for protein supplements, as it can be digested and absorbed quickly by our body. Some athlete’s trick to get their body going is to drink a blend of whey protein powder and some almond milk first thing in the morning, in between meals, and right after every workout.
  • Multi-vitamins
    Whether you’re performing some weight training or not, taking multivitamins daily is one of the proper ways to get your body healthy for a long period of time. Its effects can boost twice as much when absorbed by the body due to intense workouts. This will give your body enough energy to kick out almost all common diseases, while increasing your energy levels.
  • Amino Acids
    Now, if you’re the type of man or woman who has already gained your muscle mass you were aiming for, then maintaining it would be your primary focus. With this, you could opt for amino acids as part of your daily supplement; the amino acids found in these supplements are found to be in free forming cells that aid well in burning fats and water retention. Amino acid supplements in the market today are available in the form of capsules and powder.
  • Fish Oil
    Ever wonder why there’s a lot of canned fish foods in the market that offers fish oils in the form of Omega-3? Well, it’s simply because fish oils are great in terms of recovering your body from various ailments, such as heart disease, while keeping your body in good shape. Try taking fish oil on a daily basis and you will feel your body recover from body pains and soreness in no time.
  • Pre-workouts
    Pre-workout supplements don’t have to be chemically or hormonal; it could also be coffee. In fact, more people are using caffeine as their pre-workout supplement just to awaken their body and prepare it for an intense workout that requires a lot of organs and chemical functioning. However, if you decided to use your coffee for a pre-workout supplement, you must keep its amount in control and moderate, as caffeine can also alter the results of your weight training.

3. What Supplements and Food Should You Start Avoiding?

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Let’s start with extra food intake; extra food intake surpasses the calories you could burn in a day. You really need to avoid this when you start your weight training. There are also various supplements that you should try to get your hands off of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that these supplements are dangerous; it’s just that these supplements won’t do anything to improve or help you achieve your goals in any way possible.

  • ​​​​Weight Loss Enhancers
    Let’s face it! There’s no shortcut for success. Getting your goals done by simply drinking some weight loss pills isn’t going to end up well.
    Due to the growing population of people who think this is the correct way, the popularity of weight loss pills have come to the point that there’s more fake weight loss pills than the real and effective ones. And then we all know that when you ingest fake products, you are opening yourself up to a big risk of more diseases, side effects and worse, poisoning.
  • Laxatives
    Drinking laxatives to empty your organs, while on a weight loss program, won’t do you any good. In fact, your body could still get all the calories and carbs from your food even before the laxative had a chance to work and perform its responsibility to your body. Thus, making it useless to drink laxatives and could be considered a big waste of money.
  • Detox Pills
    Don’t get tricked by different detox pills advertisements. The point is, detox pills are actually true and effective as it really cleanses your body from impurities. However, its effects will only last a maximum of a couple of days. Detoxifying your body frequently might not be a good idea, as it could wash away the natural flora and good bacteria in your body, making you more prone to infections as it weakens your overall immunity.

Pro Tips — Advice from Famous Blogs

Best Weight Training for Beginners

​The best way to become good at something is to learn from the best, so checking out a few tips and tricks from the pro trainer and experienced fitness enthusiasts could only be a good thing.​​​​

I have combed through a few articles from top bloggers and picked out a few hidden gems for you.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

How determined are you to get out of the tutorial zone? As for the authors in the Nerd Fitness site, if you prefer more private workouts over a gym, you may feel like you are stepping in to the territory of others. Hence, to make things neutral and less awkward, keep in mind some common courtesy rules so you won’t build up a rebel image around the people in your surroundings.

The Nerd Fitness Academy has provided a lot of interesting and quite debatable topics on what is what and who is who when it comes to the fitness industry, with a huge number of followers gained over the years. For more detailed nutritional advice, meal plans and specific programs, you may check out their supportive community and they’ll surely love to get to know you more.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Still can’t find out what different motivational programs suits best your body requirements? Then why not go into detail and have everything noted down on the calendar, starting from different activities assigned every day to the milestones you could achieve at certain dates. All of these are given up to you in detailed and easy to follow form made precisely by the Muscle and Fitness site.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Do you want to have all the workouts listed in a step-by-step manner with photos included for a more interactive instruction? The Body Building blog allows you to know more than what is given by other fitness blogs. Unique and rare topics, such as the right and proper etiquette in lifting weights, and the unusual mistakes that a lot of beginners failed to avoid are all listed in their article. Sign up for a profile in their site and have the freedom to check all the aspects of your weight training as you record all your achievements in their workout tool.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

Want to have the truth in fitness industry slap you flat in the face? Then grab the chance to visit the site of Men’s Fitness. They aim for beginners to fully understand how this world revolves in weight training and the unusual tips, such as embracing the dumbbells for weight training beginners, could really make you stop and wonder where in world they’ve did that! Get your free site subscription now and have your entire body craving for more of fitness articles.

Best Weight Training For Beginners

Who says that women can’t be strong like men? This female author Nia Shanks is literally starting its noise when it comes to different industrial places nearby. You may note down some of her strength training guidelines will have your heart exploding due to excessive exhaustion. Who knows? After a couple of months, what you have done there may gain excellent results in time.

Best Weight Training For Beginners

Get focused on yourself and try 16 different styles of push-ups, or you might want to discover how your body reacts to certain movements, workouts and supplements. The Self blog has it all; they will make your jaw drop from their experience on different topics and fitness levels. Be motivated and inspired, get more from the Self blog.

Correcting Common Problems

Start off by building some muscles on the lower part of your body, preferably at your legs, hips and calves to help and assist you in improving your overall strength and power. Do some weight training workouts, accompanied with cardio exercises. And when it comes to reps and sets of every exercise, don’t stop with 3, instead make it to a point that you gradually increase your intensity to up to 5 and 6 reps of each 3 sets of exercises.

1 What is the right way to perform weight training so I could get the best result from a 100 meter dash?

Start off by building some muscles on the lower part of your body, preferably at your legs, hips and calves to help and assist you in improving your overall strength and power. Do some weight training workouts, accompanied with cardio exercises. And when it comes to reps and sets of every exercise, don’t stop with 3, instead make it to a point that you gradually increase your intensity to up to 5 and 6 reps of each 3 sets of exercises.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

2 What is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is defined as a series of workouts that aims to improve your strength in resisting certain opposing force applied on you. Exercises such as push-ups, squats and deadlifts may be classified as resistance training, since they all hold a great force that is directly opposite to what your body is trying to uphold. In addition to the benefits of Resistance Training, it is used to build and tone skeletal muscles to gain more muscle mass in different parts of your body.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

3 Does lifting weights will make you lose weight?

Yes. Weight lifting could help you to lose your body weight. However, the process takes longer compared to the weight loss effect of cardio and weight training exercises could do to your body.

4 What is the best workout routine?

If you’re a beginner, you may start working out for at least 2 to 3 times per week, with progress every week. For instance, you begun 2 to 3 gym sessions this week, by next week, you should aim to perform your gym sessions at least 3 to 4 times a week. Try mixing up various exercises to your routine, such as cardio on the first day and weight lifting on the second day, until you have successfully targeted all your muscles in the body.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

5 What is the most suitable muscle-gaining program for beginners?

As per advice of some health and fitness gurus, the most suitable program for beginners to gain muscle mass is to start with fundamental stretching movements; then it should progress to weight lifting, which you could intensify by lifting heavier weights every time you feels like your body has already adapted to the level of your weight lifting workout.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

6 Can I have whey protein while trying to lose weight?

Sadly, the whey protein itself will not help you in burning those extra calories in your body. However, the whey protein supplement is a crucial part of a weight loss diet plan that could lessen your overall body weight. Sounds confusing, isn’t it? The best explanation is that when you’re on a diet plan, you are getting less carbs in your body than before, hence, your blood levels will stabilize and when this happens, your whey protein supplement will start to build muscles throughout your body, so the fats won’t have enough space to accumulate even more.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

7 How helpful is a protein shake in my weight loss?

To be honest, a protein shake may not be that helpful when it comes to weight loss since protein shakes are also considered calories. However, if you’ll take your shake in a controlled manner and consume less than what you could burn a day, then you may end up burning calories more than what you consume. Hence, weight loss is gradually achieved.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

8 What is the best type of protein powder for weight loss?

There are a lot of protein powders available in the market nowadays. But, if you’re looking for the best type among the variety, then you could choose whey protein powder, since it can be absorbed by your body quicker than the casein and egg type of protein powder. For a more advanced tip, consume 1 serving of a whey protein shake or smoothie immediately after working out to maximize its benefits to your body.

Best Weight Training for Beginners

The Top 10 Rules for a Safer and Successful Strength Training Program

Even though we really can’t avoid injuries from time to time, keeping these top 10 safety rules will not only make things easier for you to achieve your fitness goals, but also fasten the duration where you’ll instantly achieve your milestones.

As guidelines, these rules aren’t limited to strength training; but, they can also be applied to various weight training programs, as well as daily life and workout activities. You might want to grab a pen and jot down some for your notes.

Best Weight Training for Beginners
  1. The one and only way to continuously challenge your muscles all over your body is to progressively intensify your workouts with intervals in between. There’s no need to rush, as it is perfectly normal to start at the easiest and most relaxing pace when it comes to strength training. Just when your body fully adapts to the workout you’re currently implementing, then that’s the only time you’ll adjust to a heavier weight to be lifted or to a more number of sets and reps to be performed.
  2. It is just right to give your muscles some break, as they need relaxation too from all that pressure and tough work you’ve done, just to have it gain a single muscle mass throughout the week. Keep in mind that pushing your muscles to the limit won’t give you a great result, but your muscles could tear off instead, leading to a more serious injury that might even require surgery. Besides, resting for a day or two just to relieve your muscle pain and soreness won’t hurt that much; who doesn’t like to spend a whole day just lying cozy in bed, right?
  3. Don’t go changing your fitness routine very often. Have your body stick to one workout for at least 3 times a week and perform other workouts on the days in between. By doing this, you’re giving your muscle some time to adapt to what exercise you’re trying to implement to it.
  4. Focus on your breathing pattern throughout your workout sessions. Getting enough air just when you need it the most is one of the crucial ways to allow your body to speed up on its recovery phase. Moreover, it could be a great help in making your exercise easier by exhaling while you lift weights and inhaling as you release the weight.
Best Weight Training for Beginners

5. Don’t overlook your body weight. This is the most common mistake of many. They are so absorbed in trying to change their body weight that they often push their body far more than what their body could withhold. This can lead to injuries and could slow down the results.

6. Dance to the tempo of your workout by dancing. It’s not literally getting on the groove of the sound of the music, but by staying in control in an equal performance of your momentum.

7. Have your body cool down for at least 5 to 10-minutes maximum to let your system recover from all the workouts. Try stretching to cool down. It will not prepare your muscles to a more intense exercise, but it could also get your whole body ready for another set of strength training routines.

8. Never rash when it comes to lifting weights, especially if it’s heavier than your overall body weight, or you’re lifting it from the ground by just bending your knees or your back. Most fitness injuries always happen in these kinds of instances. Lift the bar slowly as you feel your back on how much it can support. Once even a tiny sting is felt, drop the weight immediately, as it may be a sign of something serious.

9. Finish all your workout routines. Never skip and never take a shortcut as it may shock your muscles, causing it to take you longer periods of time to achieve your desired results; or worse, your muscles may tear up and lead to the requirement of surgical operations.

10. Lastly, improve your nutritional diet. Treat yourself to a feast of healthy foods so you can replenish your body with the nutrients that were lost from the workouts and training that you performed. By doing this, you’re avoiding the chances of getting your body committed to certain diseases, such as malnutrition and dehydration.

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