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How To Get The Best Optimum Nutrition Flavor!

Having trouble swallowing your supplements due to its awful taste that remains in your mouth for hours? Moreover, getting all confused with all the flavors to choose from? Then let me help you with your dilemma as we answer what’s the best optimum nutrition flavor to match your tastebud’ likings.


What to look for in buying the Best Optimum Nutrition Flavor

  • The perfect match for your mixed liquids.

             Whether you are more of a water or milk person, it is just right to consider what flavor will perfectly go through these liquids. More often, the flavor of your protein powders relies dependently on their soluble. Here are the options you might what to consider:

                             Water is plain and almost tasteless. So if you already got the best nutrition flavor that fits your needs, mixing it with water won’t be an issue since it’ll just retain its natural given flavor without much of any compounds to alter the taste.

                             More people are choosing to dilute their protein supplements with milk. And with my experiences, if you’re not into any dietary restrictions, then this might work for you too. Since milk can also add more nutrimental value in your supplement. Furthermore, the consistency of your protein powder won’t be as loose as compared to water mixture. However, you have to consider that when you mix your protein powders with milk, the taste might somehow revise to a newer taste as the milk contributes another unique flavor to your supplement.

                             For instance, if you have chosen a chocolate powder and mixed it with water, it will fully taste like a chocolate that you preferred. Yet, if you mixed it with milk, the taste may somehow be considered as milk chocolate with a fullness of milk.

                            While milk and water are extremely mainstream for mixers in your supplement, others find ways to enhance their protein powders by mixing it to their customized smoothies. This option is highly popular with people who are also geared with weight loss programs along with their fitness protein supplements. A pack of fruit and veggies to keep the calories low are splendid add-ons to your smoothies protein supplement.

  • Sugar level contents.

    There are a lot of flavors to choose from. And to further get the best flavor for you, assess yourself whether you are more of a sweet tooth or the less sugary one. If you opt for a lesser option, flavors like Coffee, Chocolate mint, or Tropical punch can be your preferences. While for those looking for luscious flavors, Cake batter, Rocky road, and Double rich chocolate flavor might add to your favorites.

  • Protein bars.

    Another option for protein supplements is the protein bars. Either you cook it, bake it or buy it in the store, it’ll still give you the same nutritional value as with the powders. Usually, people used vanilla flavors in creating their protein bars as many other ingredients can be matched with the vanilla variety. However, the decisions will still yours to try other varieties that enhance your chosen protein bar ingredients.

Top best optimum nutrition flavor

  • Delicious strawberry

    Ever dream of a strawberry crème cocktail with the benefits of protein powders? This flavor will definitely make your dreams into reality. The light creamy finish like a strawberry ice cream will be yours if you choose this flavor.

  • Mocha Cappuccino

    I guess, the reason why this flavor is making its popularity is mainly because it’s two favorites in one supplement. It’s sophisticated, delicate taste of coffee and chocolate that you’ll surely won’t get enough.

  • Extreme Milk Chocolate

    Craving for chocolate from time to time yet you can’t because you’re into a nutritional diet? Then this flavor is the answer to your strong desires. Grab a milk chocolate flavor of your protein supplement and enjoy the goodness and sweetness of chocolate without feeling any guilt.

  • Cookies and Cream

    This is an excellent option for the Oreo fanatics and cookies and cream ice cream dies hard. It’s warm smooth vanilla taste and the luscious chunks of cookies to fit your preferences on whether to mix it with milk or chocolate smoothies is the fantastic snack for your daily protein supplement.

  • Rocky Road 

    Nope, it’s not ice cream although it can be compared to one, your favorite flavor is now in a protein supplement. That warm decadent flavor of marshmallow, nuts, and chocolate will definitely make you forget you’re into a protein supplement.

My top 5 preferred products

1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

  • PROS:

The flavors are too good to be true.
Based on my knowledge, Optimum Nutrition protein powder supplements comes with 18 exciting flavors, thus, you could have a wide variety to choose from.

It will save you so much when you avail the bigger sizes.

Optimum Nutrition is known to offer a great value for money. Even though it’s a bit expensive, you will surely have the quality that you’ve paid for.

It promises great results.

Just like what it is stated on the labels, this Optimum Nutrition has the right amount of protein for every serving that enables you to achieve your maximum potentials.

Mixes well.
With the most common problem to protein powders, Optimum Nutrition is said to blend well with water or any soluble perfectly. 

  • CONS:

It is more of artificial sweetener than the natural one.
Just like other supplements, when you bought its sweeter flavors, you could observe that it contains a higher amount of artificial sugars which can, later on, lead to other unrelated negative results.

Yes, it is worth it. However, if you’re priority includes saving up and cutting off expenses, then Optimum Nutrition might be a little too high for you.

2. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

  • PROS:

All organic.
As based on its name, Orgain Protein Powder is made up of organic ingredients without any artificial materials included. In my point of view, this is the reason why people are becoming to love this product as it gives 100% benefits from natural materials.

Available and easy to buy.
With its growing popularity, Orgain Protein Powder is now widely offered to a lot of retailers worldwide.

Safe and effective.
And as mentioned above, due to its organic ingredients, it is without a doubt effective and is USDA Organic Certified.

  • CONS:

Although it’s a whole-plant based protein powder, many are still choosing other products that are added with different components that further improve the effectivity of the product.

Chicken breast is known to have the most protein levels that every person needs. However, Orgain Protein Powder lacks the essential nutrients that are found in this food. Thus, making it a lesser choice for some.

Even though with its popularity and reputation are rapidly increasing, the flavors of Orgain products haven’t much improved since they remain to offer two flavors only and will still be kept this way as the Orgain Company hasn’t had any further plans of adding another flavor to their products.

3. Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder

  • PROS:

It contains good fats. This includes the triglyceride medium chains that are highly beneficial in building our muscles. These good fats are also responsible for preventing signs of aging and promote energy for the workout. So a serving of Muscle Milk isn't just a protein supplement. It's an anti-aging supplement too.

It has high levels of nitrogen. Muscle Milk is made with the same amount of nitrates as with breast milk. Nitrite is used for the production of nitric oxide and higher levels of nitric oxide mean a better immune system function and better regulation of our blood pressure.

  • CONS:

Weight gain.
Muscle Milk contains a high level of calories that are sufficient enough if you are aiming for an extra pound in the weighing scale, yet, for those who daily workouts for weight loss might find this product a bit off-limits.

More health precautions.
Unlike any other product that can be used by anyone (unless you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, then the answer remains no) who want to get an essential daily protein intake. However, Muscle Milk has special precautions for people with kidney impairment, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues at it could lead to a further health problem.

4. BPI Sports Best BCAA Powder

  • PROS:

It is offered with a lesser money value compared to others.
As its competitors are battling over higher price marks, BPI Sports Protein Powders are reaching on to their consumers with a lesser value in the market.

Nonetheless, being cheaper doesn’t commonly mean you’ll get a lesser quality supplement. Don’t worry. It’s still the same effective product you’ll buy in much higher savings.

It is available in a wide variety of flavors that gives the promised taste as labeled.

To further assist their consumers, BPI Sports are producing 7 fairly good flavors of their protein supplement to suit every customer’s preferences.

Promises muscles growth in just a short span of time.
It provides a full comprehensive of BCAA and Amino Acid to enhance your performance and extend your endurance on times where it is needed the most.

  • CONS:

Due to the substances for its production, BPI Sports Protein Powders are not as soluble as you could expect from others. In my experience with this product, it’ll get harder to mix it with milk as it is hard to mix it with plain water. A lot of patients and effort must be exerted to achieve your desired powder-less mixture of protein supplement.

5. PROMIX Standard 100

  • PROS:

When computed for its price, it will show that every serving of PROMIX Standard 100 will only cost you at least $0.88. Hence, it’s a great way to cut down your expenses for a friendlier budget.

best flavor:

Only contains two ingredients.
Read the labels to further prove the fact it holds that it only contains two ingredients.

And that are 100% grass-fed whey protein concentrate and a non-GMO sunflower lecithin which acts a natural emulsifier.

Uses heavy metals and quality assurance testing.
To give their consumers only the things they deserve for, PROMIX Standard 100 uses third party lab testing to assure that no bias are issued in testing their products.

  • CONS:

Their chocolate flavor is slightly bitter.
I have found some people who testify that the chocolate flavor of PROMIX Standard 100 tastes a little trace of bitterness that makes those chocolate fanatics that expects a sweeter milk chocolate-like taste to their product a little bit disappointed.

Their packaging doesn’t reseal well.
Of course, we can’t consume a bag in one seating. So the packaging of our protein supplement must be resealed well to avoid the contamination of the product. However, the packaging of PROMIX Standard 100 doesn’t actually pass the resealing challenge for their consumers.


So as to keep these things in your mind about choosing the best optimum nutrition there is in the market, each and every person will still have their own preferences. Go shop and browse a little bit and you might get the excellent supplement for your needs. And with not much else to say, Optimum Gold Standard 100% passes a huge number of people's taste. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly beneficial to muscle growth and weight loss. Experiment with this product and you'll surely get what your money deserves.

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