page contents The Best Heavy Bag For Awesome Workouts – Expert Ways To Get It!

The Best Heavy Bag For Awesome Workouts – Expert Ways To Get It!

Does your exercise routines are getting a bit boring lately? Or are you thinking of maximizing your workouts? Why not do both with the best heavy bag in the market today.Yet, if you are planning to buy a heavy bag, going shopping with a vast selection to choose from could really make you feel more confused and overwhelmed than pleased and satisfied.

This may be the reason why most people chose to just go to their favorite gym and settle for whatever heavy bags available than to invest in their own equipment to get more personalized intense workouts. With these, reading on some guidelines before making the decision of buying one, thus, it will also avoid you in settling for a not-so-good heavy bag in the future.


Types Of Heavy Bags

Although the ones that are usually hanging in the gym is the most common thing we could think of and comes up to our mind when we talk about heavy bags, it is still good to know that there’s a numerous different type of heavy bags to choose from in the market. Each type depends on your specific preferences of fighting styles and workout exercises. Furthermore, each and every heavy bag is specially designed with own certain advantages for your benefits.

  • Hanging heavy bags

This is the most common heavy bags that you could see in almost every gym. It hangs directly from a heavy stand or strong beam and is big and long enough to sustain your elbows, knees, kicks and punch training, depending on the material used to fill the bag. Thus, it is necessary to place it on a stand that could hold and support a weight of 70-110 pounds plus the force you’ll exert to it.

This type of heavy bag can be used for any exercises and by far the most widely used heavy bag in the market. It focuses on maximizing your technique, power, and conditioning that could empower your basic strikes. As for personalization, you could choose whether to fill the bag with sand so you could train on something as hard as a rock; or fill it with something soft to let it just sway rapidly in every hit.

Best Heavy Bag
  • Free standing heavy bags

Even though the hanging heavy bag is the most popular type in the market, freestanding heavy bags are already making its way to popularity. The difference between the two lies in its support. Unlike the hanging heavy bags, free standing is the ones designed to stand and have its support from the floor. Moreover, this type of heavy bag weighs 200 pounds that make it heavier than the regular hanging bags.

In addition to its features, freestanding heavy bags can differ from shapes. You might see some of this type of heavy bags that are shaped like a human body while some could also be a regular-shaped punching bag. Also, it comes with an adjustable height for a more personalized tallness in every training.

Factors to consider in buying best heavy bags

Aside from knowing what type of heavy bags you are more comfortable with and more complimentary to your workouts, getting the best heavy bag doesn’t just end there. Some factors could also be considered in the search for the right bag for you. The following factors may require you to have a bit of effort to address on your heavy bag, but hey! At least you won’t end up buying an expensive useless heavy bag at the end, right?

  • Filler

Knowing the content of your heavy bag is one of the most necessary factors to consider before buying one. And even though the weight doesn’t differ that much, filling a bag with 100 pounds of feather is really different with a heavy bag filled with clay or corn. As a matter of fact, this factor that is commonly neglected by heavy bag buyers are the most common reason of injury in their exercises.

There are 3 things that could fill a heavy bag, it’s either a hard fill which is composed of shredded fiber that are wrapped in a closed cell foam liner; a soft fill for a softer resistance that are usually made of two-inch liner enclosed in the bag; and the water fill which is made up of the name itself, water, that offers a sensation that feels like an actual human being when punched, kicked or hit.

Best Heavy Bag
  • Materials

Aside from the filler, materials are also crucial in getting a heavy bag. You could find a large selection of bags made up from leather, canvas or vinyl. Although it may be hard to differentiate which one is better for you, specific qualifications in using these heavy bags can let you choose the perfect one.

Leather is generally what most people chose in buying their heavy bags as it is durable enough to hold and support a lot of exercises, yet, it is also the most expensive one out of the three materials. This is where vinyl comes out. It is much cheaper than leather but still can withhold the same force like the leather heavy bags, however, poor quality vinyl tends to last shorter than those with leather. Lastly, canvas heavy bags are often the classical option to some but are less comfortable than vinyl and leather heavy bags.

  • Weight

Of course, being heavy isn’t enough for a punching bag to qualify as one of the best heavy bags in the market. It also varies in weight since a lighter heavy bag can swing around uncontrollably after being hit and can’t give you much resistance in your training workouts, while too heavy bags could also give you a serious injury. So always go for a firmer bag that could offer you just the right amount of resistance that you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for some testing bags as it may save you more time and money in getting the right weight for your heavy bag.

best heavy bag – top 5 in the market

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1.Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

If you are looking for a heavy bag with a more reasonable price that can still provide you an intense workout like other, then this Boxing MMA 100lbs heavy bag might be the one for you.

It has a 55 inches height with an additional 10 inches for the straps as it hangs from a very reliable support beam for a more comfortable kicks and punches.


Editor's rating: 99/100

Price on Amazon: around $129.95


  • It is covered in a heavy-duty vinyl for long-lasting use and storage.
  •  Available with 10 years warranty for the usual wear and tear problems in heavy bags.
  • Long enough to cover all your preferred training and exercises from head to toe.
  • Could withstand huge forces from any workouts.Long enough to cover all your preferred training and exercises from head to toe.


  • Hangs from a fixed support beam that won’t allow you to adjust the height easily.
  • Can’t be moved around.
  • Not for starters since it is too heavy and might lead to further injury.
  • It’s bulky and you might need a helping hand when installing and storing it.

2. Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Red 130lbs

Although it might be the same with other heavy bags, the Muay Thai Heavy Punching bag can give you another advantage that others can’t.

With its name, this heavy bag is specifically designed for the purpose of Muay Thai and kick boxing training.

 Its height of 72 inches tall is highly beneficial to all the arsenal strikes from kicks to punches that MMA fans wish to perform.


Editor's rating: 95/100

Price on Amazon: from $132.99


  • Weighs 130 pounds that is essential for boxers and heavyweight champions
  • Made of heavy duty vinyl to withstand extreme spikes and could last a longer life span.
  • Available in a 10 years warranty to ensure that you get the best out of your investments.


  • Since it’s hanging in a support beam, you can’t move it anywhere you want to.
  • With its 130 pounds weight, an injury is highly possible to happen when there are no precautions.
  • Heavier, thus, harder to move around and install.

3. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Ready for a more versatile heavy bag to train your martial art skills?

 The Century Wavemaster XXL Training bag might be the one you’re looking for.

It is a free-standing type of heavy bag that is filled with either sand or water for a stable training.


Editor's rating: 94/100

Price on Amazon: from $299.99


  • No installation required.
  • Vinyl cover for a more durable used and stored.
  • Can be used in wide combat options.
  • The water-filled heavy bag can give you the realistic sensation of punching a real-life human body.
  • Perfect for karate, kick boxing and MMA training.
  • Easy to move around and store after every workout.


  • Bulky.
  • Its design isn’t stretched right to the floor which limits the amount and type of kicks that you could perform.
  • The bag can get loose in every punch and kick.

4. Ringside Elite Free-Standing Heavy Bag

Free-standing heavy bags may sound an unstable at first but with the Ringside Elite Free-standing heavy bag, your thought about this type of punching bags will definitely make you think twice.

It might have a low base stand, but can still be stable enough in every workout since the weight is distributed evenly to withstand any force while giving you the resistance you need in every punch and kick.


Editor's rating: 89/100

Price on Amazon: from $359.99


  • Easy setup.
  • Can move around easily for storage.
  • Can be used for any level of workouts and training.


  • The hole at the base is very small which makes it harder and time-consuming for you to fill the base with sand or water.
  • The bolts used for gripping the heavy bag to its base must be tightened regularly. Too frequent than it should be.
  • Quite expensive for its type.

5. Everlast 70lbs MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

When weight is a thing you consider in looking for a heavy bag, then you may not always settle for a 100lbs bag since there are also great heavy bags that can weight for just 70lbs.

 One of these is the Everlast 70lbs MMA Poly Canvas heavy bag which is perfect for fighters and trainees who prefer lighter bags.


Editor's rating: 86/100

Price on Amazon:  $69.99


  • It is a combination poly-vinyl punching bag that is made up to last longer than usual heavy bags.
  • Produced by a well-known name. Hence, without a doubt can give you a great quality.
  • So far the least expensive heavy bag of its kind.
  • Lighter than the 100lbs bags which makes it easier to install and store.
  • Lighter than the 100lbs bags which makes it easier to install and store.
  • Perfect for beginners as it is light enough to minimize any injury during intense workouts.


  • Since it’s a bit lighter, punching it too hard could cause uncontrollable swinging of the bag, thus, harder for you to time in your next punch.
  • Not suitable for extremely huge and powerful fighters and trainee that prefers heavy workouts.
  • The bottom of the bag is harder to weigh itself down in its place, hence, making the bag uneven.

Best Heavy Bag Conclusion

Best Heavy Bag

Choosing a heavy bag to invest on can be a tough decision to make as a lot of heavy bags in the market are great enough to qualify for the best heavy bag there is. All factors and specification of each and every bag in the market may feel overwhelming, hence, to get the best choice for your money, always go what is customizable and more personalized for your body weight as well as your preferred training.

In the end, over the wide variety of heavy bags to choose from, what’s best for you might not be the best for others so it’s nearly impossible to declare which one is the greatest among the list. What matters most is how you maximize your overall power, strength, durability, endurance, and stamina without any injury and with full alertness and precaution. Besides, as long as it suits your training needs, then you’ve definitely made a great deal.

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